PGA Tour all “down” at the appearance of a swarm of bees

It’s a punishment.”

“A swarm of bees.”

On the first day of the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour Mexico Open at Vidanta (total prize money: $7.7 million), a swarm of bees suddenly appeared and everyone who was preparing for a shot in the hole suddenly fell to the floor.

What happened while Eric Van Luyen (South Africa), Francesco Molinari (Italy) and Chez Levy (USA) were playing on the par 4 10th hole in the first round of the tournament held at Vidantavalata (par 71, 7456 yards) in Vallarta, Mexico on the 28th. am. As Van Luyen addressed for his second shot, he suddenly crouched down with a cry of ‘swarm of bees’. At the sound, his companion, caddy, and even the cameraman all fell on the floor and covered themselves.

Levy squatted, his caddy Brady Stockton dropped to the ground, and Molinari and caddy fellow Iguaran did the same. Commentator Billy Ray Brown, who was following the hole, said “Oh my God,” and explained the sudden evacuation of the players by saying, “I’m lucky to be about 150 yards away.” Brown later recalled that Molinari had even thought of jumping across the fairway into a lake to avoid the bees.

After the game, Van Luyen, who was the first to inform them of the danger, confessed that he had experienced it once before in South Africa. “I don’t remember the name of the course, but I heard the sound the bees made when I hit the ball, and it’s the same today,” he explained the situation that day.

“I was about to hit the ball with my 4 iron, but I looked back and shouted ‘bee, bee, bee’ to the caddy as soon as he thought he had touched the hive. The caddy at first I looked at him like that, but soon followed suit and fell down.” The other players were also dazed for a moment, but immediately noticed the situation and put their bodies on the floor.

As if they had participated in a flash mob, after a while the buzzing sound of the bees disappeared and they stood up. sent a second shot to the right side of the green to catch par, and then finished the game

with a 7-under-par 64, one stroke behind leader Austin Smotherman. According to Rule 16, Paragraph 2 of the Rules of Golf, “‘dangerous animal condition’ means that a dangerous animal (venomous snake, bee, crocodile, fire ant, or bear) near the ball A condition which, if played as it should, could result in serious bodily injury to a player and, under ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Rule 16.2b, a player is entitled to relief from interference by a dangerous animal condition wherever his or her ball is on the course. He tied 8 birdies and 1 bogey and hit 7 under par to take the lead by one stroke with an interim total of 13 under par 129. Van Luyen is tied for 2nd place with a 5 under par 66. World No. 1 John Lam defending the title Spain) hit 3 under par and tied for 12th place (7 under par).

Among Korean players, Kim Seong-hyeon (25) reduced two more strokes to achieve the best result, finishing in a tie for 32nd with a median total of 4 under par and 138 strokes. Ahn Byeong-hun (32) also succeeded in passing the cut in a tie for 45th place (3 under par) with Roh Seung-yeol (32), who cut 2 strokes and 3 strokes less. Kang Seong-hun (36) lost 9 strokes in the second round and was eliminated from the cut.

Mexico is one of the leading producers and exporters of honey on the planet as well as avocados. In fact, about a month ago, 10 people were stung and 3 people were hospitalized due to a bee attack in a shopping mall parking lot. The country is the seventh largest trading partner in the global beekeeping industry, producing 57.6 million tonnes of honey annually. About 43,000 beekeepers manage and operate more than 1.9 million hives.

The one-hit match between Finau and Van Luyen, who avoided the bee attack, will be broadcast live on the JTBC Golf & Sports channel from 2:00 am on the 30th.

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