Park Min-soo, who received a surprise coffee truck gift, “I felt the love of the fans for 3×3”

“I was surprised by the news that I didn’t know until this morning. I just want to thank the fans who sent me coffee trucks.”

The 1st Seoul Tournament of KBA 3×3 KOREA TOUR 2023 was held on the 15th at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul. This event, which marks the start of the Korean 3×3 season in earnest, was attended by all domestic 3×3 teams, including Haneul Naerin Inje, Hansol Remicon, and Hanul Construction, and entered into fierce competition for two days. 

The 2023 Korea 3×3 started last January. The Korean 3×3, which entered a break for about a month after KXO held the Mongolian training and the first and second rounds of the Winter League. Starting with the Korea Tour Seoul Tournament held on the 15th, the KXO Hoengseong Tour will be held on the 22nd and 23rd. 

While each team is rearranging their battle lines and predicting their performance in 2023, Park Min-soo, a descendant from heaven, received a surprise gift ahead of the Korea Tour Seoul Tournament held on the 15th. 

Park Min-soo, a descendant of the sky, is a living witness of Korean 3×3 and is also the player with the most fans. Park Min-soo, who was selected as the men’s 3×3 national team last year and led the national team to the quarterfinals at the FIBA ​​3×3 Asia Cup 2022. 

On the morning of the 15th, a message from a long-time fan was sent to Park Min-soo, who was heading to the stadium to participate in the Korea Tour Seoul Tournament. He said it was a surprise message saying, “I will send coffee or tea for the struggling 3×3 players and officials, so please enjoy it.” 

Park Min-soo expressed his gratitude for the fan’s surprise gift, saying, “A long-time fan suddenly sent me a message and checked the contents. I was surprised when he said he was sending coffee or tea. I was surprised and grateful to receive a gift on the day of the match.” told 토토사이트

The coffee truck sent by a fan of Park Min-soo was placed in front of the Jamsil Student Gymnasium where the Korea Tour Seoul Tournament was held, and free coffee was given to the association officials and players participating in the tournament. It is said that many people were surprised by the sudden appearance of Park Min-soo’s coffee truck. 

Park Min-soo said, “I was surprised by the unexpected gift, but I realized that there are many positive fans for 3×3. I will do my best to complete the season,” he promised in 2023. 

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