The fates of the aces representing both teams were mixed.

Korea Expressway Corporation, led by coach Kim Jong-min, had a match against IBK Industrial Bank of Korea in the 3rd round of the Dodram 2022-23 V-League Women’s Division held at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 16th.

Highway Corporation, which has recently played a full set of three games in a row, and is being fiercely pursued by IBK Industrial Bank of Korea in fourth place. Coach Jong-min Kim changed the game that day. Putting Park Jung-ah in the position of an apositive spiker.

Director Kim Jong-min said, “There are many options to attack IBK Industrial Bank. One of the opponent’s outside hitters uses Park Jung-ah as an apogee to block it.”

As a result, the native apogee confrontation was concluded. The player responsible for the apogee of IBK Industrial Bank is Kim Hee-jin. Kim Hee-jin, who is playing the game with knee pain like a ticking time bomb this season, started as a starter that day.

IBK Industrial Bank manager Kim Ho-cheol, whom I met before the game, said, “Hee-jin still has a problem with her knee. Depending on the condition of the day, whether or not to participate will be decided. He said, “If you think of a player, he wants to give you a rest period,” he said.

1st set started. When I opened the lid, the results were biased to one side. Park Jung-ah played a big role, scoring 7 points including 1 block. Despite the fact that both teams had the highest attack share of 42.86%, they recorded a 40% attack success rate.

On the other hand, Kim Hee-jin was sluggish. He made only one of his seven offensive attempts, scoring only one point. In 10-14, he was replaced by Yuk Seo-young. And he went back in at 19-23, but didn’t make much of an impact. Joy and sorrow were mixed as the first set ended with Park Jung-ah’s quick open score.

In the second set, Park Jung-ah and Katarina took charge of the team’s offense. Compared to the first set, he didn’t score much, but he showed dedication in defense.

Kim Hee-jin tried to make up for the slump in the first set. It didn’t work out as intended. She committed a back attack error in 2-2 and another back attack error in 3-4스포츠토토. Director Kim Ho-cheol immediately put in Yuk Seo-young, excluding Kim Hee-jin. The second set was also taken by the Korea Expressway Corporation, to which Park Jung-ah belongs, and the joys and sorrows were mixed.

In the 3rd set, Park Jung-ah came out, but Kim Hee-jin was not put in. At IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, Yuk Seo-young came out as a starting apogee. Yuk Seo-young promoted the attack by satisfying the thirst for attack that Kim Hee-jin could not satisfy. She added strength with 1 point in the 1st set, 2 points in the 2nd set, and 5 points in the 3rd set. He played a role that Kim Hee-jin could not do.

Park Jung-ah also scored a valuable push in the third set 12-14. Even in the fourth set, she boldly scored consecutive attacks from the vanguard. 20-22 also blocked Santana’s offense.

Park Jung-ah also scored a valuable 2 points in the 5th set. Kim Hee-jin stepped on the court by replacing the 4th and 5th sets, but did not play a big role. I couldn’t help but feel a lot of regret.

On this day, Park Jung-ah laughed, recording 17 points including 2 blocks and an attack success rate of 34.09%, while Kim Hee-jin only scored 1 point and an attack success rate of 8%. The team also defeated IBK Industrial Bank of Korea by 3-2.

Park Jung-ah was also ahead of her personal record, and the team also won, catching both rabbits. The fates of the two aces representing the team were mixed.