Oh Jae-won, ‘Park Chan-ho Controversy’ Why did the fans turn their backs on his words?

Oh Jae-won, a commentator at SPOTV, was caught up in the controversy over Park Chan-ho’s sniping.

It became a problem for Park Chan-ho, a KBS guest commentator, to reveal his personal feelings.

Anyone can express their personal opinions. However, Commissioner Oh Jae-won’s remarks are being evaluated as going too far. It’s not because Park Chan-ho is called the ‘Korean Express’. The core of the problem is that Oh Jae-won’s personal feelings are excessively revealed.

On the 10th, commentator Jaewon Oh said on the YouTube channel of ‘Den Magazine’, “I hate the Korean Express so much. Now that I am a normal person, I can talk.”

Commissioner Oh presupposed that Park Chan-ho was “the founder who really brightened our country and coined the word ‘Korean Express’” and pointed out, “Before that, the whole nation woke up at dawn and cheered for him, and it seems that he did not know the gratitude he had.” did.

Commissioner Oh said, “There are not one or two players who made a fool while commenting once. He never took responsibility for it.”

From Jaewon Oh’s point of view, it could have been unfair. He may think he has been pointed out for fair play.

The two had a foul controversy during their active career.

Regarding this, Park Chan-ho commented on Oh Jae-won while commenting on the Asian Games. However, Commissioner Park apologized for this issue ahead of the Asian Games final, and the fans accepted it.

However, Commissioner Oh Jae-won does not seem to have properly accepted this apology yet.

Commissioner Oh Jae-won said, “Commentary is for a third party. I think the purpose is to convey the exact situation to the listeners when commentating. When a situation arises during commentary, it is easy to say things like ‘I was really sorry for that defense’ or ‘I was very sorry for that hit’. Also, words like ‘when I saw it…’ were what he saw, and misunderstandings pile up with such irresponsible words, and that becomes an image. I really hated that.”

However, the reaction of the fans was cold. The point that Jaewon Oh failed to control his personal emotions is gaining strength.

The reason was that it was difficult to find a baseball player who worked hard for fans as much as Park Chan-ho.

Fans said, “It is hard to find a baseball player who thinks of fans as much as Park Chan-ho and works hard for seniors and juniors. It’s not that I don’t understand Commissioner Oh Jae-won’s thoughts, but I don’t think this sniping was right.”

Commissioner Park Chan-ho can also freely talk about what he personally felt through broadcasting. Even if it doesn’t fit your personal inclination, you have to be able to fully accept it so that Korean baseball can develop.

In particular, Commissioner Oh Jae-won also has a job that requires him to be responsible for his words.

He himself said, “I’m not a baseball player anymore, so it doesn’t matter,” but he is still involved in a baseball-related business, and the weight of being a broadcaster is added.

Just as Commissioner Park Chan-ho should not do that, Commissioner Oh Jae-won is also in a position to take responsibility for his remarks.메이저사이트

Also, Oh Jae-won is a person who caused countless controversies during his active career. He must have had a lot of regrets himself.

We must not forget that commissioner Park Chan-ho, who was involved in this controversy, can also feel unfair.

Commissioner Oh Jae-won needs to think about why the fans turned their backs on this controversy.

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