“Oh, can you really cry?” Hyundai Mobis general manager Yoo Jae-hak holding back tears “The possibility of (leader’s comeback) is not closed”

 “Oh, can you really cry?”

A match between Hyundai Mobis and KGC in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball regular league held at Dongcheon Indoor Gymnasium in Ulsan on the 24th.

This day was special. The day of the retirement ceremony for general manager Yoo Jae-hak, who has led Hyundai Mobis to the top for 19 years.

Last season, general manager Yoo handed over the baton to manager Cho Dong-hyun and moved to the position as general manager. Coach Yoo, who took office as the youngest coach at the age of 34 to play professional basketball, has earned a reputation as the best coach in KBL for 25 years until this season.

In addition, while leading Hyundai Mobis to the top for 19 years, he played 1257 games and recorded the most wins (724 wins) in KBL. He led the team to win 6 regular league matches and 6 championship matches. He has several nicknames. Among them, the most famous nickname is ‘Mansu’, given by former DB director Lee Sang-beom.

Coach Yoo, who met at the halftime of the match, smiled brightly. ‘There are moving elements in the retirement ceremony. When I said, “You may cry,” he replied, “I can’t believe I’m going to cry,” and put on a pleasant expression. On this day, Hyundai Mobis beat KGC 94-89 after a bloody battle. The fighting spirit and hustle play dedicated to General Manager Yoo’s last game at Hyundai Mobis continued. Director Yoo also took a seat in the relay as a special commentator for the third quarter that day.바카라

He made a calm entrance at the retirement ceremony after the game. After watching video messages from national team coach Choo Il-seung, Woori Bank manager Wi Sung-woo, Woori Bank coach Jeon Joo-won, Seo Jang-hoon, and former Korea Basketball Association president Bang Yeol, they greeted the crowd with a light smile. The 724-win uniform delivery ceremony for Hyundai Mobis fans followed, followed by songs of affection from the players and fans.

Director Yoo said, “I am very grateful to the club. I said no at first because holding a retirement ceremony seemed awkward and unsuitable. After doing that, I am even more grateful.” “I said

He said, “I don’t know about future plans. I’m not completely closed off the possibility of (comeback as a leader). It’s not like I’m going to coach again. There has to be a place to call, but no place has gone that far.”

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