‘Number 1 constitution’ Kim Ha-seong, the first home run in the second half ’13G consecutive on base’

Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego Padres), who recorded a double-digit home run in the first half, continued his momentum by hitting his first home run in the second half.아톰카지노

San Diego played an away game against the Philadelphia Phillies on the 17th (Korean time) at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

On this day, Kim Ha-seong started as San Diego’s first and second baseman and hit Philadelphia starting pitcher Jack Wheeler with the first run over the left fence in the first inning.

This was Kim Ha-sung’s 11th home run of the season and his first home run in the second half. Ha-seong Kim scooped up Wheeler’s 5-ball, 86.1 mile sweeper, which fell low, and crossed the fence.

With this, Kim Ha-seong recorded on-base in all 11 games held this month. If you add the previous record, it is a streak of 13 consecutive games.

Ha-seong Kim is currently establishing himself as San Diego’s leadoff. The perfect infield defense for second baseman and shortstop, and the batting performance is also different from last year.

He has been playing as a lead-off since the end of last month, and in particular, took the vanguard of the team’s offense in all games held this month.

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