Noh Seung-yeol 11-under ‘storm shot’ Kim Se-young 6-under ‘resurrection shot’

The names of the two players that Korean golf fans have been waiting for are at the top of the leaderboards of the PGA Tour and the LPGA Tour. It is Noh Seung-yeol and Kim Se-young who, not so long ago, brought joy to golf fans on Monday mornings. Roh Seung-yeol, who drove 11 under par, started the PGA Tour AT&T Byron Nelson as the sole lead. Kim Sei-young cut 6 strokes and took the lead on the first day of the Cognitive Founders Cup on the LPGA Tour.

Noh Seung-yeol shot an 11-under 60 in the first round of the tournament held at TPC Craig Ranch (par 71) in McKinney, Texas on the 12th (Korean time). Noh Seung-yeol, who reduced 11 strokes by tying 1 eagle and 9 birdies without a bogey, beat Adam Scott (Australia) and Dou Zecheng (China) by 3 strokes and took the lead alone.

Noh Seung-yeol, who started the game pleasantly with a birdie on the first hole, cut 6 strokes in the first half alone. He didn’t have any gaps in the second half either. Noh Seung-yeol completed 11 under par by catching 5 more birdies. Even if he only cut one more stroke, he could have been the protagonist of 59 strokes, which is called the ‘dream number of strokes’.

The reason Noh Seung-yeol’s record is attracting attention is that he saved 11 strokes even when his driver’s head was damaged during the game. After discovering that the driver head was cracked in the 12th hole, he used a new driver head from the 16th hole. Noh Seung-yeol, who received the driver’s head from his wife, assembled it himself and added two birdies on the remaining holes.

Noh Seung-yeol, who has a conditional right to participate in the PGA Tour, will go on a hunt for two wins on the PGA Tour in this tournament. Noh Seung-yeol, winner of the 2014 Zurich Classic, was one of the players not only in Korea but also in the world. Noh Seung-yeol’s potential was so great that he signed a long-term contract with global sports brand Nike. However, Noh Seung-yeol fell into a slump after serving in the military and failed to rank within the 125th place in the FedEx Cup rankings, becoming a conditional seed on the PGA Tour.

Noh Seung-yeol, who got married last year, is slowly finding his way. Roh Seung-yeol, who tied for 15th at the RSM Classic last November, took the lead on the first day of the tournament, raising expectations for the rest of the season.

Noh Seung-yeol said, “Everything is amazing. I am one stroke short of my dream at-bats of 59, but I am satisfied.” As if the start was good, I will try to finish well,” he said, expressing his feelings after finishing the first day.

Regarding the damage to the driver’s head during the game, “My tee shot hit the 12th hole really well, but it flew in an unexpected direction. He checked the driver head and found that he had incontinence.” He seems to have had a really interesting day.”

On the same day, the first round of the LPGA Tour Cognitive Founders Cup was held at Upper Monclair Country Club (par 71) in Clifton, New Jersey, USA. Kim Se-young, the winner of this competition in 2016, flew. Kim Se-young, who caught 6 birdies without bogey, started this tournament as the sole leader.

Debuting on the LPGA Tour in 2015, he has won more than one win every year until 2020 and has been called a byword for consistency. However, as of 2021 he has been unable to make ends meet. In particular, this year, his best performance in six competitions is showing a sluggish figure, tied for 20th in Honda Thailand. The women’s golf world rankings also fell significantly. Kim Se-young, who was once world No. 2, is currently ranked No. 33.메이저놀이터

However, on the first day of this competition, he took the lead alone and seized the opportunity to get rid of the label of sluggishness attached to him. If Kim Se-young keeps the lead until the end, he will add a multiplier in about 2 years and 6 months after the Pelican Women’s Championship in November 2020.

If Kim Sei-young reaches the top of this tournament, he will be encouraged to enter the LPGA Tour Hall of Fame. Kim Se-young, who has won a total of 12 wins, including one win in major competitions, has 14 Hall of Fame points, including the 2020 Player of the Year Award.

Kim Se-young, who finished the first day in a good mood, emphasized, “Thanks to my good tee shot, I was able to achieve a good result of 6 under par on the first day.”

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