‘No giving up’ Lee Hyun-joong, NBA challenge again in half a year

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Lee Hyun-joong, who was frustrated with an injury ahead of the NBA draft, is back after half a year. He said he learned a lot from his failures and came out with a more solid appearance.

Reporter Moon Sang-hyeok met.


Instead of catching the basketball, the reason why I focused on strengthening my legs and maintaining my balance was due to an injury.

In June of last year, when he declared an NBA challenge, he was seriously injured during a test by clubs.

[Lee Hyun-joong/Basketball player: As soon as my foot is bent and now pressed, as soon as I get hurt, something is wrong… ]

In the end, I didn’t make it to the final 58, and I had to rehabilitate for half a year.메이저사이트

The advice of the volleyball queen he met in the United States further developed his mind that he would not be frustrated.

[Lee Hyun-joong/Basketball player: Kim Yeon-kyung’s sister also became the world’s top class in volleyball… What you are saying is, ‘To become a star, you need to know how to drag, hold, and enjoy such things.’] With

his height of over 2m and his shooting talent being recognized in the National Basketball Association, expectations were raised that he would become the first Korean player since Ha Seung-jin in 18 years.

At the same time, there were concerns that his weight was light and his strength was weak, but he increased his weight by 8kg to get closer to the NBA level.

His greatest weapon, the 3-point shot, just got better.

[Kang Seong-woo / Doctor of Sports Medicine: He shows a sense of shooting stability that goes from shooting by corner to 30 in a row… ]

Hyunjoong Lee will go to the United States on Sunday and challenge the NBA again.

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