NC Kim Hyung-jun told Lee Byung-hun of Samsung “Meet me in District 1”

Celebrating 2023, the Year of the Rabbit, professional baseball players born in 1999 started relaying good wishes. Following Doosan pitcher Jeong Cheol-won, KT pitcher Kim Min, Kiwoom pitcher An Woo-jin, Doosan pitcher Kwak Bin, and SSG infielder Choi Jun-woo, NC catcher Kim Hyung-jun conveyed his sincerity to Samsung catcher Lee Byung-hun (24 years old).

◆ “Jun-woo, don’t get hurt”

The previous runner, Choi Jun-woo, enlisted in Sangmu’s baseball team as a motive and quickly became close. Kim Hyung-jun said, “I remember going on vacation with (Kim) Min-i as the three of us. We grilled and ate meat near the base and had fun,” he said.

Regarding Kim Hyung-jun, Choi Jun-woo said, “He is like a fox wearing a bear mask. He seems reticent, but he talks a lot.” In response, Kim Hyung-joon said, “It’s not even a fox. Maybe because of the impression, everyone misunderstands it.” He said, “I don’t talk much when I’m with people I’m not close with. He finds it difficult to approach first,” he said. “Even if he is expressionless, he doesn’t feel bad. If the other person extends their hand once, they become close quickly.”

Contrary to Choi Jun-woo, he has a premeditated tendency. When we went on vacation together, Kim Hyung-joon would find places to visit and delicious restaurants. He said, “I tend to search in advance. When I talk to Junwoo, he always says, ‘Yes, I like it’” and “Both of them like meat. Instead, I eat vegetables because I am stabbed by my conscience. There was no part that didn’t fit with Junwoo,” he smiled.

Even after being discharged, we keep in touch often. Choi Jun-woo’s first words were always “Is your knee okay?” Kim Hyung-joon underwent surgery for a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee at the end of August last year, about a month before he was discharged. He said, “It was very difficult right after the injury, but spending time with Jun-woo caught up with him. I tried to think as positively as possible,” he said.

“I’ve already been injured, but I hope Junwoo will continue to do well in the first team without major injuries. He raised his voice, saying,온라인카지노 “If SSG wins again someday, I hope Junwoo will be one of the main members at that time.”

◆ “Byung-hun, see you in the first group.”

The next thing I thought of was Lee Byung-hun. They entered the three advertisements together. Since we share the same position and are roommates in a dorm, we quickly became close. Kim Hyung-joon said, “Both of them were neat and their lifestyle matched well. There was nothing to be stressed about.” Afterwards, Lee Byung-hun transferred to Jemulpo High School, but their friendship continued.

Kim Hyung-joon said, “Even though he hides his face a little, he is a really good friend. “Byung-hun’s nickname was Frankenstein. I was Dooly when I was in elementary school, but after that I just became a bear and a pig.”

“Byung-hun did something strange once and made me laugh. He had an unusual side,” he hinted. there is an episode. In the first year of Segwang, I went to Jeju Island for field training. He ran out of drinking water in his room. Lee Byung-hun suddenly brought a kettle and started boiling tap water. Kim Hyung-jun said, “There was a convenience store right in front of the dorm, and they said, ‘Why do you bother buying and eating it?’ Boiled water was immediately transferred to an empty water container, and the plastic bottle was crushed. He laughed.

Hyungjun Kim entered the professional league first. He received the 2018 NC’s 2nd round 9th overall nomination. Lee Byung-hun, who was suspended for one year in high school, wore a Samsung uniform in the 32nd overall in the 2nd 4th round in 2019, the following year. Both are competing for starting positions as backups. Kim Hyung-joon played 159 games in the first team for three seasons from 2018 to 2020, before enlisting as a managing director. He had a career batting average of .227 (59 hits in 260 at-bats) with five home runs and 22 RBI. Lee Byung-hun only posted 3 hits and 1 RBI in 4 at-bats in 3 games last year.

Kim Hyung-jun said, “Byung-hun’s greatest strength is that he works harder and more passionately than anyone else. He also cares about his body.” I hope there will be more days like that in the future.” He said, “Don’t think too quickly, but if you do it one by one, good days will surely come. I hope you don’t get tired and play baseball until the end.” I hope to develop more together every year,” he said with strength.

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