National track and field team visited Naju, Jeollanam-do, hot heat melting winter training

Recently, in Naju, Jeollanam-do, you can see athletes training from all over the country.

The size of the national track and field team, which started winter training at the Naju City Sports Theme Park, reached 23 teams, including 11 business teams and 12 high school teams, and about 260 players.

Each team, which started enlisting at the beginning of this year, stayed in Naju for at least 25 days, up to one month until next month, to improve their skills.

The reason why Naju City is attracting attention as a winter training ground is that it is equipped with various indoor and outdoor sports facilities, such as a running track, an auxiliary stadium, and a multi-purpose gymnasium in the general playground, and it is analyzed that there are many lodging facilities and restaurants for athletes to stay nearby.

The city of Naju has started to provide management support such as training schedules and accommodation convenience so that the athletes do not have any inconvenience during their stay. In addition, we provide information on nearby restaurants and tourist attractions to help revitalize the local economy. 온라인카지노

The city previously hosted and hosted 19 national sports events last year. About 11,000 amateur and professional players participated in the competition.

In addition, it was found that 22 teams and 266 people visited the winter off-campus training, resulting in an economic inducement effect worth about KRW 2 billion by attracting sports competitions and off-campus training.

Mayor Yoon Byung-tae recently visited the winter camp training team and attended a dinner with the leaders and players at a restaurant near the training camp to encourage and support the players.

“We will do our best to operate and manage lodging, restaurants, and training facilities so that athletes can focus on exercise without any discomfort during training and achieve the desired results as much as the sweat they shed,” Naju City Mayor Yoon Byung-tae said. We will promote the revitalization of the local economy by making Naju the No. 1 sports camp training site through the creation of leisure, sports, and tourism spaces in river reservoirs according to the promotion.”

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