Naples-Frankfurt, gang fight between supporters → 36 people taken to the police station

It was revealed that fans of Napoli (Italy) and Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany) had a gang fight before the game and 36 people were arrested.

The two teams played the first leg of the round of 16 of the 2022/23 European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League at the Deutsche Bank Parque Stadium in Frankfurt, Germany on the 22nd. Napoli beat the home side 2-0 with goals from Victor Osimen and Giovanni Di Lorenzo.

In the meantime메이저사이트, the German media explained that there was a clash between supporters of the two teams.

According to German media such as Bild and Faznet on the 24th, about 150 Frankfurt supporters started throwing stones at away fans, and in particular, Frankfurt supporters rioted at the local police who tried to restrain them.

In the end, 36 Frankfurt spectators were taken to the police station for interrogation and released hours later.

Paznet said that while violence on and off the football field has recently become serious, UEFA is not taking the Frankfurt-Napoli match lightly.

Napoli had a hard time last month when fans supporting them met AS Roma fans on a highway in Italy and a group brawl broke out.

The two teams got into a fight when they saw each other on the highway, even though they were not opponents in the game. It became a hot topic in Italy, with traffic severely paralyzed and a congestion section of about 15 km. An AS Roma fan was injured and was taken to a nearby hospital.

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