‘Monster Pitcher’ Shim Jun-seok joined Pittsburgh

 recognizes the main character in the news.

19-year-old right-handed pitcher Shim Jun-seok officially joined the American professional baseball Pittsburgh Pirates.

Today, in <Newsmaker>, we meet the ‘monster rookie’ Shim Jun-seok, who stepped on the stage of his dream, which he longed for.

Height 193cm, weight 97.5kg A 19-year-old right-handed pitcher with overwhelming physical condition.

That’s right, Shim Jun-seok. 온라인카지노

Shim Jun-seok has been considered one of the best prospects since he was in high school, throwing fastballs with a speed of 160 km.

He was the subject of interest in the KBO League as well as in the Major Leagues.

Shim Jun-seok finally fulfilled his dream of going abroad by signing with the Pittsburgh Professional Baseball League.

On the 27th, he had his initiation ceremony while stepping on PNC Park Pittsburgh’s home stadium.

He was given a shirt with the number 49 on it.

Sim will play an active role in Pittsburgh wearing number 49, his uniform number during his time at Deoksu High School.

Local expectations for Shim Jun-seok are also high.

Pittsburgh Players Officer Max Kwan said, “The plan to recruit Shim Jun-seok was set up in 2020.

He watched every game he pitched for two years.”

The Pittsburgh club posted a welcome message in Korean on social media.

Sim Jun-seok, who receives such interest and expectations in one body.

He is the best MLB ace who moved to the New York Yankees after playing in Pittsburgh.

Citing Gerrit Cole as a role model, he revealed his strong aspirations.

<Shim Joon-seok / Pittsburgh Pitcher> “I wanted to become a big player since I was young, so I thought that taking on a big challenge when I can take on a challenge would be a good experience… I want a good player like my role model Gerrit Cole (Pittsburgh fastball pitcher). Now ,

Shim Jun-seok will play for a minor league club affiliated with Pittsburgh to enter the major leagues.

“I still have a long way to go, but I am really happy.

Until the day the ‘monster rookie’ advances to the major leagues.

I will continue to support you.

Until now, I was a ‘newsmaker’.

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