McGregor Joins Anti-Doping Agency in May Before Returning Around November. with Chandler

Former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion McGregor is the coach of TUF (The Ultimate Fighter), which starts on the 31st.

He will lead ‘Team McGregor’ and have a tournament with Michael Chandler’s ‘Team Chandler’, the 5th ranked lightweight from ‘Bellator Emperor’.

UFC rules are strict on doping testing. You must undergo a drug test through USADA six months prior to the game.

McGregor dropped out of the drug testing program after breaking his leg in a fight with Poirier in July 2021 and has so far not been tested.

USADA “We recently had direct contact with McGregor and look forward to his joining the Death Pool. He will be tested for at least six months and will provide at least two negative samples before competing.”

Joining USADA removes an obstacle before McGregor’s comeback, but McGregor officials have indicated that he will be tested “immediately” and fight Chandler “as scheduled.”

TUF is the gateway to UFC champions such as Whitaker, Usman, Bisping, and Ferguson, and the team coaches have been fighting after the series.카지노사이트

According to custom, a coach match between McGregor and Chandler was scheduled, but McGregor delayed joining USADA, so the match was unclear.

It is likely that McGregor’s return will be held at the end of this year due to Mac’s intention to participate in the drug testing program, but everything is still not certain.

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