Marey pinch hit Young-Gun Perry VS stalwart veteran Cunningham… Changwon LG’s 1st option?

Changwon LG, which went directly to the playoffs in the quarterfinals (PO, best of 5 matches) in second place in the regular league, is busy preparing for ‘Spring Basketball’ by playing practice matches against Korea University on the 8th and 9th. The opponent is Seoul SK, which is on the rise with 12 consecutive wins from the 6th round of the regular league to the 6th PO (Best of 5). A tough game is expected, and LG is contemplating how to utilize foreign players.

Asem Marey (31, 202 cm), who played an active role as LG’s 1st option foreign player in the regular league, cannot join the PO due to a calf muscle rupture. Accordingly, LG brought in a replacement foreign player Reggie Perry (23 203 cm). Perry showed off an average of over 20 points in the D-League, the lower league of the NBA. LG, which had been eyeing him since last summer, moved quickly when Marey’s departure was confirmed. He recognized KBL career players, but did not have the right cards to recruit. As Marey, who was the first option, left, he needed resources to help the team in the air and defense, and Perry was dropped.

After joining LG, Perry is preparing for the PO in the quarterfinals by playing both practice games against Korea University. I couldn’t be in perfect physical condition as I came to Korea after resting after the final match of the D-League on the 25th of last month. Shooting and defense were disappointing. LG plans to improve Perry’s condition as much as possible before the 14th, when the first leg of the semifinal PO will be held. 스포츠토토

LG coach Cho Sang-hyun said, “Marey played a huge role in the team’s defense. It’s unreasonable to expect Perry to do that much, but I’m trying to prepare as much as possible.” He continued, “We have to think about who to use as 1 option in the semifinal PO until just before the first game. As Dante Cunningham (36, 203 cm) is old, it is also important whether he will be able to endure physically when he becomes the 1st option.”

LG was the team with the fewest goals in the regular league this season. Marey played a big role in defense. Perry’s defense is inferior to Marey’s. Besides, I have no experience playing in an overseas league. He has to blend into the LG style, which uses a lot of patterns in offense. Quite a few tasks were given to Perry and the LG coaching staff. It is noteworthy who LG will choose as the first option foreign player in the first round of the semifinals PO.

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