Lotte got the 31SV finish, NC got the Rookie of the Year… ‘Resurrection’ 2nd draft notice of unprecedented movement

The Futures FA system disappears into history and the second draft system is revived. An all-time great movement is expected.메이저놀이터

The KBO held the 3rd board meeting on the 12th and said, “We decided to revive the 2nd draft to ensure higher leveling of the league and more opportunities for players.”

The KBO 2nd draft will be held again after the end of this season and will be held every other year as before. While the KBO reduced the number of protected players from 40 to 35, after nominations in the 1st to 3rd rounds for each club, the three lower ranked clubs were given additional nomination rights, allowing up to five players to be nominated and preventing player nominations from being biased toward specific clubs. The system was supplemented so that up to 4 people can be nominated from one team.

The transfer rules have also changed. Even in the 2nd draft in 2019, the transfer amount was 300 million won in the 1st round, 200 million won in the 2nd round, and 100 million won after the 3rd round. 4 rounds or less were adjusted to 100 million won.

In addition, mandatory registration regulations were newly established, and measures were taken to guarantee as many opportunities as possible for players who transferred to the second draft. During a season, it is compulsory to register for 50 days or more for round 1 and 30 days or more for round 2, and there is no mandatory registration regulation for round 3 or less. If the criteria are not met within 2 years after designation, return to the original club after the end of the second season, or if the original club does not want the player to return, the player is announced as a free agent.

In the meantime, the second draft has been known as a ‘field of opportunity’ for many players. Representative success cases include Kim Seong-bae, who was nominated in the 1st round by Lotte in the 2nd round of the 2011 draft, and Lee Jae-hak, who was selected by NC in the 2nd round.

As soon as he came to Lotte in 2012, Kim Seong-bae established himself as a winning team, and in 2013, he played an active role as a finishing pitcher and made a big success with 2 wins, 4 losses, 31 saves and 4 holds, an average ERA of 3.05. Lee Jae-hak also won the honor of the Rookie of the Year with an outstanding record of 10 wins, 5 losses, 1 save and an ERA of 2.88 in 2013. Without the second draft, it is questionable whether he would have won 79 wins in his KBO league career.

Lotte also nominated Oh Hyun-taek in the 3rd round in the 2017 2nd draft, and Oh Hyun-taek vomited his spirit to become the hold king with 3 wins, 2 losses, 25 holds, and an average ERA of 3.76 in 2018. Kim Dae-yu, who was nominated by LG in the 3rd round of the 2nd draft in 2019, also played a key role in the midterm pitching by accumulating 37 holds for 2 years. He has now moved to KIA as a reward player for FA Park Dong-won.

From this year, as the number of protected players is reduced from 40 to 35, it is expected that a ‘great movement of the past’ will unfold. As the number of entries for the first team is 28, it is expected that a large number of players with a sense of immediate power will appear in the market. Can a new success story emerge from the revived 2nd draft? It is a ‘variable’ to pay attention to this winter.

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