Kim Seon-ho, wearing a Hyundai Capital uniform with the 1st place in the 1st round of the 2020-2021 season rookie draft. Didn’t live up to expectations. From his professional debut season, he participated in 28 matches and 102 sets, scoring 185 points and making a big success. After competing with Park Kyung-min, his motive for joining, he also won the Rookie of the Year title. If you are curious about the performance of Kim Seon-ho, who appeared like a comet in the V-League, you can search on the portal site. You can easily find his various activities, grades, and profile. But I don’t know what kind of person he is or what he likes. It is also difficult to find. So, in <Lifestyle> planned by <The Spike>, I conducted an interview about Kim Seon-ho, a person other than Kim Seon-ho, a volleyball player.

Before the interview on Kim Seon-ho’s fashion and daily life,
I asked Seon-ho Kim, “I have a photo shoot, so please wear plain clothes.” Kim Seon-ho, who I met at the filming site, was tall and had long arms and legs like a volleyball player. He was wearing neat plain clothes, so he gave off the feeling of a model rather than an athlete.

Describe today’s look.
It’s a neat style that I like to wear on a daily basis. It’s a look my girlfriend recommended (laughs). The top is a Stone Island white sweatshirt, and I don’t know where the pants are from, but they’re just jeans.

Today, I’m going to have an interview without volleyball story. Have you ever had an interview like this?
no. First time. Every time I interviewed, I always talked about volleyball. It’s a little awkward, but I’ll try my best.

What is your favorite brand, color or style?
I used to like brightly colored clothes. Then, I recently tried on a navy color, and it wasn’t bad (laughs). So lately, I wear a lot of dark colored clothes. I don’t seem to have a specific brand I prefer, and I tend to buy clothes that look pretty while passing by.

When you usually rest, who do you usually do with and what do you do?
When I was a rookie, I played a lot of computer games. But the fort was getting less and less fun. So I tend to lie outside and watch dramas. Except for the time I am alone, I tend to spend most of my free time with (Park) Kyung-min. We go to cafes together, and when we have something to buy, we go out together.

Hobbies other than sports.
I like camping and golf. I started camping in April of this year, and it healed me a lot. I fell for its charm. I’ve never been alone, and I usually go with my girlfriend a lot. If we go together, we won’t be lonely, and we can share the work (laughs). I started learning golf around the same time. Everyone in my family likes to play golf, so naturally we started together. It was fun doing it.

Is there a drama, movie, or book you would like to recommend to your fans?
As for the drama, there is a drama called ‘Jin-Geomseungbu’ from KBS, and I enjoyed watching it recently. It’s a funny and fun drama. The movie is ‘Sin City’. I watched ‘City of Crime 1’ and ‘City of Crime 2’ and it was fun. Waiting for ‘Sin City 3’. I don’t read the book well, so I can’t recommend it (laughs).

Kim Seon-ho’s favorite things
We always say like a habit that we want to go somewhere whenever we are having a hard time. To that extent, travel is a sanctuary, a dream, and a memory to carry with you for the rest of your life. However, not too long ago, there was a time when even domestic travel as well as overseas travel was hesitant due to COVID-19. Fortunately, as distance has eased, we have returned to our past routines where we can enjoy traveling. Where is the travel destination Kim Seon-ho recommends and what kind of memories do you have there?

What is his favorite food?
It’s not about covering food. I like them all, but if I had to choose one, would it be meat? Beef among meats.

Do you also enjoy cooking?
When I am at home, I cook a lot. The more I cook, the more fun and proud I feel. (The dish I am most confident in.) I am confident in soybean paste stew.

One of the best places I’ve been to so far.
It’s Guam. I went when I was a college student before COVID-19 broke out, and I really liked it. The sea was right in front of the hotel, so the view was nice, and I also snorkeled in the sea. I have only really good memories.

What is your favorite singer and song?
I don’t think I have a particular favorite singer… Ah, I recently saw Chaewon from ‘Le Seraphim’ on YouTube, and she was cute (laughs). As for the song, I liked Benson Boone’s ‘Ghost Town’, a song I recently discovered. I saw a video of the singer who sang this song busking in the Han River, and I really liked it. This is the song I’ve been listening to the most lately.

Do you like to go to karaoke?
I don’t go often. Do you sometimes go out with friends when you drink? I don’t go well alone or sober. If I go, I tend to sing a lot of Jang Bum-Jun’s songs. The vocal range is not that high, so it fits well.

The path Kim Seon-ho has walked and the way forward
Many middle and high school students have dreams of college life in their hearts, such as CC (campus couples), university festivals, and taking classes in a large lecture hall ahead of entering college. However, since Kim Seon-ho was a special student who dreamed of becoming a volleyball player, she must have invested a lot of time in training. Did Kim Seon-ho really enjoy the campus life like other normal students during his time at Hanyang University?

What kind of student was Kim Seon-ho in his elementary, middle and high school days?
He really only knew about sports. Until he was in elementary school, the coach of the volleyball team told him to study hard, so he spent a similar amount of time on volleyball and studying. Even with his friends, he had a lot of fun until he was in elementary school. After that, I didn’t have much time to meet his friends.

How was campus life during Hanyang University?
Fortunately, it was before Corona 19 exploded when he was in college. So he thinks he enjoyed all the things he enjoyed college life. I don’t know if it’s okay to say this, but I was drinking with his friends and going out to meetings (laughs). I think all of these things were memories that could only be experienced at that time. Looking back now, college life was really fun.

What would he have done if he hadn’t played volleyball.
Since he was little, he loved to run and play. Even before he started playing volleyball, he really liked sports like soccer and baseball. So even if he didn’t play volleyball, I think he would have done other sports after all.

What other sports do you like besides volleyball?

When volleyball is off-season, baseball is in full swing, so I like to watch baseball. I haven’t been to many baseball intuitions this season. My girlfriend also likes baseball, so we went to see each other often. (Which team are you a fan of?) I am a Doosan Bears fan. (If the Doosan Bears give me a chance to throw the first pitch.) It would be a real honor if you let me do it (laughs).

how are the brothers
I have one older sister. We used to fight a lot when we were young, and we joked around a lot. But after I started working out, we spent a lot of time away from each other, so we don’t have to fight, and our relationship has really improved. I think I’m really close with my older sister. We don’t keep in touch often, but when my sister comes to the game or when I go home, we spend a lot of time together. 

Human Kim Seon-ho’s dream
Ever since he started playing volleyball for Kim Seon-ho, he has always dreamed of becoming a volleyball player. His first dream came true the moment he was nominated as the first pick in the first round of the 2020-2021 draft. However, Kim Seon-ho’s dream was not to become a volleyball player. What is the dream of Kim Seon-ho, who is not special and is not different from others?

Do you have any close friends outside of the same team?
Among other team players, I am close with (Choi) Ik-je and (Lim) Seong-jin. Here is a meeting where friends who don’t play volleyball and (Park) Kyung-min gather together. Since I came to pro, it’s hard to find time, so I don’t see them often, but we get together and go on trips during off-season.

It’s a bit out of fashion, but there was a debate about sesame leaves, padding, and shrimp between lovers. what do you think
I think the sesame leaf debate will be different depending on who the opponent is. (If the opponent is Park Kyung-min.) Kyung-min? It doesn’t matter if it’s Kyungmin. Unless it’s someone you don’t know. As for the shrimp controversy, why even shrimp? I think it is. The padding argument really isn’t solid. It’s not like a person wearing padding doesn’t have hands (laughs). 스포츠토토

MBTI is. Does it seem like a good fit for you?
I’m an ESFJ. I think it looks like I, but it came out as E. I’m not sure as I’ve never seen the description. (I searched and showed him ESFJ traits.) Oh, that’s almost right. Not almost, but it seems to fit everything (laughs). I’m amazed that this really fits everything. 

If there is a dream that human Kim Seon-ho, not volleyball player Kim Seon-ho, has.
Getting married, having children, and living a small and happy life. It is my dream to live a normal life. (Which child would you prefer to have between a son and a daughter?) If I could choose, it would be a daughter. I really like babies, but I think my daughter would be cuter. I think my son will be hectic when raising him (laughs).

Let me say a word to one of the people who will be with me on the journey ahead.
I will do it for my family. Thank you so much for always coming to watch the games since I was young and helping me not to run out of things. I came this far thanks to my family.

We conducted an interview minus volleyball. how was your day
In fact, before the interview, I thought it would be awkward if I talked about volleyball all the time and then talked about something else. But when the interview started, I think it was an opportunity to look back on myself while answering. It was good because it was an easy and comfortable interview.