“Like Yuna’s sister in the video”… Lee Hae-in and Kim Chae-yeon challenge the Four Continents Championships

If there is a generation in soccer that has not seen the 2002 World Cup, there are also players in figure skating who have not seen Yuna Kim’s gold medal. Still, the desire to write a new history after Kim Yuna is no different.

Reporter Oh Seon-min met Lee Hae-in and Kim Chae-yeon, who are challenging tomorrow (10th) at the Four Continents Championships.


For 17- and 18-year-old athletes, they are more familiar with Yuna Kim on YouTube than on TV.

[Lee Hae-in / National Figure Skating Team: Watching her older sisters put on pretty costumes and jump and do everything they can and are satisfied.]

She started figure skating at the age of 12 and stood out by completing five 3-revolution jumps in one year. An understanding person who showed .

Her greatest weapon is the power of positivity.

[Lee Hae-in/Figure skating team: (To me, figure skating) is like a lover. I don’t want to see her again, I hate her, but the next day, she’s released again.]

She also has a special way of relieving stress and tension.

[Lee Hae-in/Figure Skating Team: On days when I’m in a bad mood, I dance right away. (K-pop dance is also a kind of choreography.]

Thanks to her expressiveness and sense of rhythm, she is called a ‘step master’ among her fans.

[Lee Hae-in/National figure skating team: I think I acted while thinking ‘what the main character was like’ when I was working.]

This athlete who jumps lightly and spins elegantly, embroiders on the silver plate.

It is even more surprising when you 메이저사이트know that she is 150 cm tall.

[Kim Chae-yeon/National Figure Skating Team: When pushing (skating) out, the feeling of the wind was different from when running.]

Its strength is that it does not fall over.

[Kim Chae-yeon/National Figure Skating Team: I used to do 10 to 15 jump rope jumps, but now I think I’m doing about 40.]

Last month, I put the Taegeuk mark on the overall 2nd place, but I’m still embarrassed by my acting.

[Kim Chae-yeon/National Figure Skating Team: I’m a little introverted, so I’ll try this by looking at the sad expressions or happy expressions while watching a movie.]

14 years ago, the Four Continents Championships, where Yuna Kim stood at the top.

Lee Hae-in, who won her silver medal last year, and Kim Chae-yeon, who is taking on her first competition, are ready to write her new history.

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