LG’s challenge for the presidency depends on Lee’s ‘early rush’… Will the cruelty end here?

 LG once again ended up with disappointing results at the end of last year’s season. In the end, he withdrew from the first place in the regular season and went down to the playoffs, and ended the fall in vain without stopping Kiwoom’s momentum that had passed through the semi-playoffs.

There must have been a number of reasons, but while Yasiel Puig, a foreign hitter on the opposing team, played a big role, it was regrettable that LG did not have a foreign hitter to counter fire. It was because I regretted not being able to fight with 100% power. LG started the season with Rio Ruiz last year, but was excluded from the team early due to sluggish performance, and Robel Garcia, who was recruited as a substitute player, did not help much, as can be seen from the elimination of the postseason entry.

LG’s difficulties continued. He went to the brink of signing with Abraham Almonte, a new foreign hitter, but was eliminated from the physical examination and had to find a new player. Although Almonte was a player with excellent batting ability, he was known to be in an unacceptable level of physical condition. This is the reason why LG has neatly folded its lingering feelings. The player who was recruited at the end of such twists and turns is온라인카지노 Austin Dean (30).

Dean primarily played the outfield and first base. LG has been evaluated as strong in the outfield but weak in the infield, and focused the foreign player quota on this. However, Dean’s recruitment symbolizes that LG’s conception has changed a little. It means that he focused on hitting well.

Then, what about Dean’s first evaluation? LG officials who directly saw the batting training at the camp are taking a cautious approach. LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “It can be said that he is a mid-range hitter rather than a giant gun. Looking at the movement, the defense seems to be fine. We need to watch the batting a little more.” His positional utilization is good, and his adaptation to the team is going smoothly.

Director Yeom did not put a big question mark on Dean’s ability itself. However, I believe that Dean’s career and LG’s entire season can be influenced by his first start. Adaptation is a matter of course. Here is also the team’s nightmare. If Dean is underperforming in April, he will be compared to Ruiz and other failed foreign players and stressed out. It is difficult for LG, which has a rich field of field players, to push Dean, and in that case, a small vicious circle of realizing the absence of a foreign hitter at a decisive moment can be created.

Ruiz, who was highly anticipated as an actual multiplayer player, also performed poorly in April. As his criticism intensified and the pressure built up, he rather failed to show his skills. Since it was a team that had to produce results, there was no room to save Ruiz, and the cruelty of LG foreign batters continued again. Dean needs to break this loop.

That’s why it’s unconditionally ‘early rush’. Director Yeom said, “It is important how well you adapt while filling in the points that need to be supplemented in the camp now. April is very important to the team and Dean. It is how you make the start. Your grades for the year depend on it.” He emphasized, “I plan to give advice by focusing on the first month. Our team culture has made many failures against foreign hitters. If Dean is sluggish in the beginning, he can easily take more damage.”

He is a good hitter. You know, look at your career. He has a career in the major leagues and good grades in the minor leagues. In terms of Triple-A performance, contact and long hits are somewhat balanced. Everyone involved is watching with bated breath to see if Dean’s initial rush will succeed.

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