LG Song Eun-beom officially announced two days after the contract… After three months of conflict, 10 million won was cut

Two days after signing the contract, LG officially announced the signing of veteran pitcher Song Eun-beom (39).

On the 12th, LG announced that it had signed a contract with Song Eun-beom for an annual salary of 140 million won. This is a decrease of 10 million won from 150 million won last year.

Song Eun-beom recorded 1 win, 1 loss, 1 hold and an average ERA of 4.05 in 25 games last year.

My grades weren’t bad, but it wasa problem온라인카지노 that I didn’t play many games. LG suggested a salary cut for Song Eun-beom, citing his inability to play in many games.

Song Eun-beom wanted a freeze, citing that being injured while playing for the team was the reason for joining the team late.

However, the tug-of-war between the two sides over 10 million won was difficult to reach an agreement. The negotiation period exceeded three months.

In the end, Song Eun-beom decided to accept the club plan and the contract was made.

It seems that it was difficult for Song Eun-beom to endure the reality that his salary would be cut as time went on. His contract expires on January 31st.

Players who cannot sign a contract by this time will receive a reduced annual salary calculated by the number of days.

The LG club also did not press hard on Song Eun-beom. Because he is still the power you need.

It is not easy to find a pitcher who is capable of long relief and can be both a chaser and a winning team. In particular, Song Eun-beom is a player with various experiences, so he is highly utilized in his team’s pen.

It is very likely that LG will participate in the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September with Jung Woo-young, who is a surefire team member, and Ko Woo-seok, who is the finisher. In fact, it is as if it is confirmed.

Therefore, it can be said that even one more bullpen pitcher is needed. A highly versatile bullpen pitcher like Song Eun-beom should be retained.

It can be interpreted that this is why the two sides agreed to the contract without feeling any particular emotion, even though they had been in conflict for a long time over the contract.

Song Eun-beom said, “I think the club gave a lot of consideration. Although he regrets the cut, he considers it a set amount because the club also needs it. He will join the team training and thoroughly prepare for the season.”

Song Eun-beom has been training individually at LG Champions Park in Icheon.

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