Lee Kang-cheol “It was good to bring Edmund”… Edmon who ate sundaeguk “I like Korean food because there are many side dishes”

Edmund, who was assigned uniform number 11, went to training wearing a national team uniform with ‘KOREA’ written on it. Edman said, “It was a special feeling and I felt like representing the country.”

The national team, which started training at 3 p.m., conducted the bunt operation and defensive shift training privately for fear of exposure of power. Then, from 4:30 p.m., an open strike drill was held.

Lee Kang-cheol “Edmon, you’re good at defense”

Edmon, a two-handed hitter, alternated left and right at-bats for batting training. Coach Lee Kang-cheol looked at him happily as he sent his bat far away with an exciting swing. Director Lee said, “I am very active, such as trying to speak Korean a lot,” and “I am grateful for working hard in training.” He smiled with satisfaction, saying, “As expected온라인카지노, he seems to be good at defense.”

‘The strongest keystone combination’ Edmon and Ha-seong Kim In

today’s training, attention was focused on the ‘keystone play’ of Edmon and Ha-seong Kim, who will be in charge of the national team’s infield defense. The two players, who are breathing for the first time, said that they were breathing together while praising each other. Edman said, “I’ve seen Kim Ha-sung play in the major leagues a lot, but it’s the first time we’ve worked together, so we talked about what kind of play he likes and what situation he prefers.” could do it,” he said.

Ha-seong Kim “It’s my first breath, but I have faith”

Ha-seong Kim also expressed his anticipation, saying, “It was easy to defend because he was so fast and a good player, and even though it’s the first day, I can trust him because I can see how good he is from the player’s point of view.” Regarding the evaluation of the two as ‘the strongest keystone combination’, he said, “I will do my best thinking that if I go to Japan and catch a lot of outcounts with Edmon according to the evaluation, the chances of Korea winning will increase.”

Regarding Edmund, who was visiting Korea for the first time, Kim Ha-seong said that he was taking care of him more carefully, remembering the first time he went to the United States in the past. Kim Ha-seong said, “It was difficult when I first went to the United States, so Edmund doesn’t want me to feel that way, so he always sticks with me.”

Kim Ha-seong, who corrected his batting posture during the off-season, emphasized that “the perfect adaptation is over” and “it has become a comfortable form, and there is no problem at the moment.” At the same time, he added about his current physical condition, “I am good enough to play tomorrow right now.”

Edmon “Korean food, various side dishes are delicious”

Edmon, who visited Korea for the first time, his mother’s country, ate sundaeguk yesterday evening. Edman said, “When he was young, he ate a lot of Korean food. He enjoyed eating various side dishes with me, and it was delicious.” He also introduced that he learned a new Korean language for the players. “He used ‘Nice to meet you’ a lot when he met a lot of new players, and he learned to call the older players ‘Grandpa’,” Edman said, referring to the practical jokes of his fellow players.

The WBC national team will have a practice match against the SSG Futures team at Gocheok Dome tomorrow, and then depart for Osaka, Japan the next day to play a practice match against Orix and Hanshin. After that, on the 9th at the Tokyo Dome, we will play Australia in the first leg, and then we will meet Japan, Czech Republic and China in turn.

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