La Liga, ‘Suddenly’ Lee Chun-soo summons “Who is it?”… ‘Ri Chun-soo’ presence is crazy

 ‘Why is my brother out there?’

Spanish professional soccer La Liga still remembers Lee Chun-soo (42), the “Korean No. 1 in La Liga.”

On the 30th (Korean time), La Liga posted a picture of Lee Chun-soo wearing a Real Sociedad (hereinafter referred to as Sociedad) uniform on its official social media account. At the same time, he added a comment, “Guess who it is.”

‘2002 Korea-Japan World Cup Semifinal Legendary Lead’ Lee Chun-soo wore the 2003 Sociedad uniform. He was the first Korean player to enter La Liga at the time.

However, contrary to his expectations, his life in a foreign country was not easy. He was not on the road to success. After playing at Sociedad and Numancia (on loan), Chun-Soo Lee returned to the domestic K-League in 2005.

Lee Chun-soo’s challenge to Spain came to an end quickly, but Lee Chun-soo and Sociedad still remain inseparable as a ‘funny (funny and sad) anecdote’. 온라인카지노

In an interview within the club at the beginning of joining Sociedad, Lee Cheon-soo proudly said, “If I do well at Sociedad, I will definitely go to (rival club) Real Madrid.”

From Sociedad’s point of view, it is no different from hearing ‘absurd remarks’. In terms of the K-League, this is equivalent to saying that he would do well at Ulsan Hyundai and go to Ulsan Hyundai by doing well at Jeonbuk Hyundai or Jeonbuk Hyundai.

Lee Chun-soo recalled the time through his YouTube channel ‘Richun-soo’ and said, “I said this. “I didn’t know the culture well,” he said with a faint smile, “I didn’t have any thoughts.”

Now that time has passed, soccer fans fondly remember Lee Chun-soo, who was full of spirit at the time.

La Liga has not forgotten such Lee Chun-soo. La Liga posted a picture of Lee Chun-soo during his Sociedad days on the official social media account, revealing that he still remembers ‘Korean La Liga No. 1’.

Fans who saw the post said, ‘I’ll do well here and go to Real Madrid’, ‘Chunsu Lee’, ‘I’m watching without thinking, why is my brother out there?’, ‘I can’t help but think about soccer’, ‘Chunsu Lee is amazing’, ‘ Brother, what kind of accident did you have again?

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