‘Kyung Hee Daejeon 4th Quarter Scene Stealer’ Hong Dong-myeong “Three-point shot, I threw it after emptying my mind”

 Hong Dong-myeong (G, 186cm), a sophomore at Sangmyung University, became a new stealer in the head-to-head match against Kyunghee University. Three 3-point shots in the 4th quarter made him shine.

Hong Dong-myeong of Sangmyung University recorded 14 points and 5 rebounds in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League match against Kyunghee University held at Sangmyung University Cheonan Campus Gymnasium on the 23rd, contributing greatly to the team’s 66-59 victory.

Hong Dong-myeong, who we met after the game, said, “It’s so good. The atmosphere was not good because we were losing, but I think it was fortunate that we quit once.”

The first quarter of Sangmyung University was not good. In the first quarter, the field goal success rate was 23%, tied with 8 points. However, the 2nd and 3rd quarters were a close match, and the 4th quarter was made with Sangmyung University atmosphere. Hong Dong-myeong, looking back on the first quarter, said, “I gave a lot of chances because I didn’t move as I promised to defend. The director pointed out that part,” he said.

However, Hong Dong-myeong made up for his defensive mistake with a 3-point shot in the 4th quarter. Hong Dong-myeong took the lead with consecutive 3-pointers in the middle of the 4th quarter, and 58.1 seconds before the end of the game, he broke Kyunghee University’s will to pursue. He replied, “I think the hyungs gave me a chance, so I emptied my thoughts and threw it.”토토사이트

Sangmyung University tasted its first win of the season after a series of losses. How did Dongmyeong Hong prepare for winter training? Dongmyeong Hong said, “I tried my best not to get hurt and took good care of my body. The defense is still lacking, but in the offense, coach Shin Won-cheol watched a lot of dribbling practice after last season, so I gained a lot of confidence in the driving side.”

Until last season, Sangmyung University lacked a big man to help them rebound. However, Choi Jun-hwan, a 195cm freshman, joined this season. Although they were down 37-42 in rebounding, the difference was not significant.

Hong Dong-myeong said, “Since the big man came in, we have improved a lot in terms of rebounds and blocks. He is able to shoot more confidently, and even when defending, even when driving, a big man is waiting for him from behind, which is very helpful. It seems to be good psychologically,” he said, introducing Sangmyung University’s basketball this season.

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