Korea’s top karting competition is here… Karting Korea Championship kicks off

The Karting Korea Championship (KKC), South Korea’s top karting league, will kick off next month at Inje Stadium on Nov. 11.

Inje Stadium and the Korea Automobile Racing Association (KARA) announced on Friday that the KARA Karting Korea Championship will be held at Inje Stadium Karting Center in Gangwon Province and KIC Karting Center in Jeonnam Province from next month to November.

Karting is known as a sport that is easily adaptable to beginners due to its simple vehicle structure. Many of the youngest athletes in motorsports get their start in karting. Many of South Korea’s most famous F1 drivers started their careers in karting at a young age.안전놀이터

This is the first national karting competition since 2019. The winner will be honored with the title of Karting Champion for the year.

The champion of the senior class will represent Korea in the karting category at the FIA Motorsport Games 2024.

There will be five rounds, starting with the opening race on the 11th of next month. Four rounds will be held at the Inje Stadium Karting Center and one round at the KIC Karting Center. The season champion will be crowned by summing up the points from each round’s performance.

Players can compete from the age of 7. There are nine classes based on age and license class. Competitors can only use engines of 150 cubic centimeters or less.

Lee Seung-woo, CEO of INGESPEDIUM, said, “We are pleased to be able to work with KARA to develop grassroots motorsports as kartists are facing increasing difficulties in using facilities. We will do our best to find areas that only INGESPEDIUM can do to build a healthier motorsports ecosystem and attract more people to motorsports.”

“With the creation of the KKC, we will be able to create opportunities for the quantitative and qualitative growth of our basic sports, such as doubling the number of karting events year-on-year this season,” said an official from the Korea Automobile Racing Association.

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