Korea Investment & Finance Holdings, which made up for its weaknesses, is reborn as a whole

Compared to the clean parts of the past, the persistence was lacking. At the same time as putting forward a new ace, a player who can make up for the weakness has also entered. It is the moment when it becomes whole.

Korea Investment & Finance Holdings made a big success by recording 24 points, 23 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 steals in Group E preliminary round of the EVISU SPORTS Cup 2023 The K Employee Basketball League (www.kbasket.kr) 1st round held at a gym near Gwanak-gu, Seoul on the 23rd. Led by Choi Jae-ho, who showed , Shin Joo-yong (15 points, 8 rebounds) and Kim Jin-min (13 points, 8 assists, 5 steals, 3 rebounds) supported Miracom I&C 74-58 and won 2 wins (1 loss). all.

It proved regrettably that the rolled fortune can maximize the team’s strength. Choi Jae-ho showed his strength by kicking out as many as 13 offensive rebounds. It is to the extent that I can’t feel the vacancy of the breakfast vacancy that I missed due to injury. This is enough to record a tie for 3rd place in The K Office Professional Basketball League (1st place Dongjun Yeo <Doosan Group> 14, vs BMW, 2018,01,14, Changhyung Lee <Samsung Bioepis>, 14, vs KTH, 2018.03. 18.) He became the first player ever to record 10 or more offensive rebounds in his first two games. Thanks to Choi Jae-ho, Shin Joo-yong and Yoon Jeong-hwan (6 points) expanded their range of activities, while Son Jin-woo (3 points), Kim Jin-min, and Kim Seong-hyeon (9 points and 7 rebounds) were able to throw shots with a more comfortable mind. Kwon Hyuk-bin (4 points) and Cho Jung-ho contributed to the team’s victory by working hard on the dirty work.

Miracom I&C was led by Lim Jong-oh (25 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals), Hwang Kyung-hwan (15 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists), Jeon Byeong-gon (12 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists), and Kim Shin-goo (4 points, 7 rebounds). , Lim Sang-dong (2 points, 11 rebounds) kept the bottom of the goal firmly. Lee Gyeong-jun lightened the shoulders of his teammates with an unrepentant appearance. However, he was unable to overcome the gap in points in the early stages and could not continue his first victory.

Korea Investment & Finance Holdings was fiercely driven from the beginning. Shin Joo-yong and Choi Jae-ho took the lead. Choi Jae-ho repeatedly kicked off offense rebounds and linked them to footback points, while receiving a pass from Kim Jin-min to raise the score. Shin Joo-yong also led the team’s offense by combining 18 points in the first quarter alone, shaking the opponent’s defense by crossing the midrange and under the goal. Here, Son Jin-woo succeeded in a 3-point shot and finished warming up.  

Miracom I&C scored with Lim Sang-dong and Kim Shin-goo under the goal, and ace Lim Jong-oh, Jeon Byeong-gon, and Hwang Gyeong-hwan back and forth between the inside and outside. Im Sang-dong, Kim Shin-goo, and Hwang Gyeong-hwan seemed to be defending with all their might, as if they were not going to be pushed back in the rebound fight. However, it was not easy to attack because the opponent allowed rebounds in succession.

In the second quarter, Miracom I&C launched a counterattack. Lim Jong-oh took himself as the vanguard. He circumvented the opponent’s defense and succeeded in breaking through, and scored a goal after a quick break. He led the team’s offense by scoring 8 points in the second quarter alone. While Kim Shin-goo and Im Sang-dong protected the bottom of the net, Jeon Byung-gon from the mid-range and Hwang Kyung-hwan made a 3-point shot to raise the mood.

Instead of giving Shin Joo-yong a break, the Korea Investment & Finance Holdings put in Yoon Jung-hwan and made him work with Choi Jae-ho. The two crossed the high-low and persistently attacked the bottom of the goal. Kim Seong-hyeon lightened their shoulders with a 3-point shot. However, he missed an easy shot and allowed the opponent to pursue due to a low free throw success rate.

In the second half, Korea Investment & Finance Holdings widened the gap again. Choi Jae-ho, who was concentrating on rebounding, actively scored. He scored 8 points in the 3rd quarter, including an offensive rebound and a goal after receiving a pass. Thanks to Choi Jae-ho’s performance, Kim Jin-min succeeded in shooting from outside the 3-point line, and Shin Joo-yong scored from mid-range.

Miracom I&C tried hard not to be pushed back in the rebound fight. Lim Sang-dong put all his effort into boxing out, and Lim Jong-oh and Hwang Kyung-hwan helped him defend the bottom of the goal. Jeon Byeong-gon made a successful shot from the mid-range, and Hwang Kyung-hwan put in a 3-point shot to give strength to his teammates.

Entering the fourth quarter, Korea Investment & Finance Holdings pushed the opponent hard. Choi Jae-ho, Shin Ju-yong, and Yoon Jeong-hwan took turns attacking under the goal, while Kwon Hyuk-bin and Kim Seong-hyun scored consecutively to widen the gap again. Instead of giving Son Jin-woo a break, Jin-min Kim broke through the Miracom I&C pressure and scored.

In Miracom I&C, Lim Jong-oh scored 11 points in the 4th quarter alone, followed by Jeon Byeong-gon and Hwang Gyeong-hwan. He did not let go of the last string, such as spreading a strong all-out pressure defense. However, time was too short to turn over. Korea Investment & Finance Holdings, which seized the victory, put a wedge in the game with Kim Seong-hyun, Yoon Jeong-hwan, and Kim Jin-min scoring in succession.

Meanwhile, Choi Jae-ho of Korea Investment & Finance Holdings was selected as the EVISU SPORTS (https://www.evisusports.com/) MATCH MVP for this game, recording 24 points, 23 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 steals, playing a role as a watchman under the goal. He expressed his brief and bold feelings, saying, “I unfortunately lost in the match against POLICE last week, but it’s good to win today.”

On this day, Choi Jae-ho showed outstanding ability in the rebounding part to the extent of kicking 13 offense rebounds alone. Regarding this, “It seems to be the style of predicting where the ball will land by watching a fellow player throw a shot. Actually, he’s not good at boxing out. Since he is short for a player who is in charge of number 4 or 5, there are many cases in which he catches it by hitting it instead of catching it at once, or chasing after it recklessly and then catching it. In a way, it’s a sense,” he said, sharing his own secret.

He wasn’t just rebounding. He seemed to have eased the burden on his teammates by scoring 24 points, the most in the team. Showing off his passing ability is a bonus. In response, “Originally (Cho) Chan-hyung is the ace, but he was injured and couldn’t play today. In a group chat room, I ordered, ‘I can’t come out, so you have to be more aggressive.’” He said he had to be active today, so he consciously focused on scoring. And (Son) Jinwoo-hyung and (Kim) Jin-min hyung are good at shooting, so I checked how they would move and passed the pass. I thought that even if I didn’t go in, I could just kick the rebound. That’s my role, and I have to do it faithfully and well. Later, I think I will have to do it aggressively until (Cho) Chan-hyung returns,” he said, showing faithfulness to the role he had to play.

Not just offense rebounds. He should also show strength in defense rebounding. He said, “If I can’t catch the defense rebound properly, the atmosphere will be bad, so I tried to do it right first, but it didn’t work as well as I wanted. He doesn’t do well when pushed against his strength, and is often taken away. If you stick to the basics, you can personally improve your skills and get a lot of business trip time… “To be honest, I need to catch more defense rebounds, but since I’m not good at boxing out, I was able to take them away well against players who are physically bigger than me. When kicking off an offense rebound, you might just hit it and catch it again, but when you do a defense rebound, you have to gain the upper hand in the battle for position. So he could end up grabbing more offense rebounds. Unlike other competitions, this competition is 10 minutes per quarter, so I can catch more, so I have to make sure I catch the rebound well.” 먹튀검증

How is breathing with partner Shin Joo-yong? He said, “(Shin) Joo-yong and his older brother played basketball together before. And (Kim) Jin-Min hyung, (Son) Jin-Woo hyung, and (Yoon) Jung-Hwan hyung, I know them well because they were together in Yeouido. I’ve never seen the rest of the players, including (Cho) Chan-hyung, for the first time, but I think I can do better if I get along well while going through this tournament.”

Korea Investment & Finance Holdings, who won the game on this day, won its second win (one loss). “It is the same every time,” he said. No matter which team the opponent is, I will hold the rebound well and defend hard so that the game can be easily solved.” “I want to say thank you to my wife who came to support me today. I decided to go see the movie ‘Rebound’ after today’s game, but I’m glad that MVP rode it and took a picture.”

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