Kiss Time is back after 3 years… The mask disappeared from the volleyball court

“It’s kissing time back after 3 years! Show your passionate love.”

The professional volleyball V-League men’s division Woori Card and KB Insurance held a match on the 31st at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul.

Woori Card’s cheerleader Kim Jeong-seok shouted as he pointed to the electronic display board in the stadium during the operation time for the 3rd set.

A man and woman in their 20s reflected on the display board hesitated as if they were awkward, then smiled broadly and kissed.

Then, a couple in their 60s caught on the screen kissed on the cheek, receiving great applause from the audience.

Director Kim laughed, saying, “Now I can see your bright smiles. It’s a very happy moment.”

This day’s game was the first chapter of professional volleyball, which took place after the obligation to wear indoor masks disappeared.

The government’s Central Defense Countermeasures Headquarters designated the obligation to wear an indoor mask as the first stage on the 30th, and the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) changed the mask obligation to a recommendation.

On this day, the spectators who visited Jangchung Gymnasium freely enjoyed the ‘post-mask’ era by cheering loudly without wearing masks.

The club also held various events related to the lifting of the mask wearing obligation.

The home team, Woori Card, boosted the mood with Kiss Time and a no-mask self-camera photo contest for the crowd.

Cheerleaders and cheerleaders also took off their masks and cheered with bright expressions for the first time in three years since January 2020, before the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) pandemic.

However, there were many spectators who were cautious about lifting the mandatory wearing of masks indoors.메이저사이트

Kim Seung-bin, a volleyball fan in his 20s who visited the stadium with his lover on this day, said, “I am still cautious,” and said, “For the time being, I plan to wear a mask like today.”

In fact, about half of the fans who visited Jangchung Gymnasium watched the game wearing masks.

The same was true of team officials, including coaches of both teams, and game management staff.

Referee Choi Jae-hyo and other referees and scorers all wore masks and played the game.

Woori Card coach Shin Yeong-cheol, who commanded wearing a mask, said ahead of the game that day, “It is inconvenient to wear a mask, but we still have to pay attention to quarantine.” Director Shin was also confirmed with Corona 19 in the middle of this month.

Director Hu In-jung also said, “I don’t feel uncomfortable wearing a mask,” and said, “I intend to continue wearing a mask for the time being.”

KOVO and each club plan to hold various events for the spectators to enjoy the no-mask era while maintaining quarantine measures for those involved in the court, such as strongly recommending that operating staff wear masks for the time being.

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