Kim talks about white space and aiming for the stars.

Can Shinhan Bank continue to be a dark horse despite another dip in strength? “Now that we have good training facilities, we will repay them by advancing to the playoffs,” said Kim Ah-rim (29, 174 cm).

Incheon Shinhan Bank hosted a homecoming day for the players’ families, friends, and fans at Shinhan Bank Blue Campus on Nov. 16. In addition to touring the new training facilities at the Shinhan Bank Practice Gymnasium, the invitees also had the opportunity to watch the players train under the direction of Coach Gunadan.

Kim Ah-rim, along with Kim Tae-yeon, is the longest-serving player at Shinhan Bank, having joined the organization through the 2015 New Player Selection Program. She is probably more satisfied with the new training facility than anyone else. When asked about it, Kim said, “I love it. It’s a new building and the air itself is different. Not only are the training facilities better, but the secretariat has worked hard to make the courts and the environment more like home.”먹튀검증

Accommodation has also changed from a two-person room to a one-person room. According to Shinhan Bank officials, the players are very satisfied with the two-room structure. “It feels like living on your own,” said Kim Ah-myung. I think the younger players will like it more than anyone because it’s a single room,” she laughed.

Kim spent Homecoming Day with her parents. “I invited my family a few years ago, but it was just a meal together. I think my parents were happy to see the training facility and the training. It was a little bit difficult because they were watching in such close quarters (laughs), but it was different because it was a different feeling with the crowd.”

Kim is a forward with excellent three-point shooting ability, totaling 61 three-pointers in the 2020-2021 season, ranking second in the league behind Kang Yiul (64). Last season, she was limited to averaging just 16:50 minutes in 29 games due to offseason surgery, but she still made 36 three-pointers, ranking ninth in the category.

This season, Kim’s goal is to create more diverse scoring routes. “First of all, I want to play the whole game, but I’ve been sticking to the three-point shot too much. I’m going to prepare myself to actively shoot jump shots in addition to three-pointers.” Says Kim.

Another goal is to minimize the loss of Han Chae-jin, who played a pivotal role in the team’s defense. “I think we’ll have a lot of gaps to fill on defense without (Han). I won’t be able to play as much defense as Chae-jin, but I will try to minimize the gap,” said Kim.

She added, “(Kim) Ji-young joined the team, but Chae-jin retired and (Yoo) Seung-hee transferred. We were missing two main players, so we were weaker than last season. This season, we might be judged as weaker than other teams, but we still want to help them reach the playoffs. We have good facilities, so I think that’s how we can give back to the club,” she said.

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