Kim Ha-seong ready for WBC… Machado “Haseong, see you in the finals!”

San Diego’s Kim Ha-seong is raising his sense of practice in his team’s spring camp ahead of joining the WBC national team.

Major League star Manny Machado delivered a message of support to Ha-seong Kim, who was determined to advance to the semifinals.

Correspondent Moorim Ham went to the San Diego camp in Arizona.


When Kim Ha-seong appears at the clubhouse, his colleagues greet him warmly.


Kim Ha-seong started batting training with major league superstars Manny Machado and Bohartz.

His more concise batting stance refined his senses by lightly parrying his fast balls.

[Soundbite] Kim Ha-seong/WBC National Representative/San Diego : “If I play full-time without injury, I think I will be able to achieve better results than last year. I hope that’s the case. I’m preparing hard.”] Kim Ha-seong is preparing hard for온라인바카라, defense training

. In, he announced a change this season as a second baseman, not a shortstop, which is the main position.

He is expected to build an infield with Bo Hartz and Machado, who are the core of the team, and become the team’s starting second baseman this season.

Kim Ha-seong, who is scheduled to play an exhibition match in San Diego, will join the WBC national team on the 2nd of next month in excellent physical condition.

[Soundbite] Kim Ha-seong/WBC Baseball Representative/San Diego : “I’m thinking that we have to come at least to the United States (semifinals). I hope (the national team members) will not get hurt and prepare well before meeting.”] Dominican Republic, a candidate for the WBC

championship Machado, the representative, sincerely supported his best friend Ha-seong Kim.

[Manny Machado/San Diego : “I love Ha-sung Kim! I love you, see you in the WBC finals!”]

Ha-sung Kim, who has solidified his position in San Diego, is now preparing for a splendid takeoff at the WBC.

This is Hamurim KBS News from Peoria.

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