Kim Dae-yu, a ‘transfer student’ who received a sense of anticipation, “I suddenly think of a KIA fan even while sleeping”

Transfer students wearing the KIA Tigers uniform have something in common. It is a fan-specific passion for the team. 

Left-handed pitcher Kim Dae-yu (32) is a member of the “Tiger Corps” in the 2023 season. Catcher Park Dong-won, who was an internal free agent (FA), signed a contract with the LG Twins, and the KIA nominated him as a compensation player. 

Dae-yu Kim was the main setup man with an average ERA of 2.04 with 2 wins, 1 loss and 13 holds in 59 games in the 2022 season. LG had no choice but to tie young players to the list of protected players, and thanks to this, KIA reinforced the left-handed bullpen pitcher, which was a weakness until the 2021 season. Kim Dae-yu is a resource that will make the waist thicker along with Lee Jun-young, who was the KIA mound’Madangsoe’ last season.  메이저사이트

On the 30th, Kim Dae-yu left for Arizona (Tucson), USA, where the first spring camp of his team was held via Incheon International Airport. Having an interview with reporters, he said, “I got to work with new teammates in a new team. I’m nervous. I’ll try to help the team.” He admired the facilities in the new nest, Gwangju-Kia Champions Field, and praised the convenience facilities of the bus he rode to the airport that day, conveying his excitement ahead of the first off-season training for his new team. 

Kim Dae-yu was also surprised by the passion of KIA fans. On this day, many fans visited the airport to see off the athletes. My former team, LG, is also a nationally popular team that is as good as KIA. While reluctant to compare, Kim Dae-yu said, “There are so many KIA fans who intuit (watch directly) the Jamsil game. There are many people who watch the broadcast, but I could see the passion in the number of people who were looking for it in person.” 

With Kim Dae-yu joining, expectations for strengthening bullpen power increased. Kim Dae-yu said, “I thought it was an opportunity when I heard the news of the transfer to KIA. Even while sleeping, I suddenly thought (to the expectations of LG fans), ‘I have to respond with responsibility'” instead of his determination. 

In KIA, not only Lee Jun-young and Kim Dae-yu, but also second-year prospect Choi Ji-min and 2023 rookie draft overall second-choice super rookie Yoon Young-cheol have strengthened the left-handed line. Among them, the joining of Kim Dae-yu, who was the main pitcher of LG Heo-Jin, who was evaluated as the league’s strongest for the past two years, is the biggest power reinforcement factor. Kim Dae-yu greeted the 2023 season with excitement.  

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