Kim Byeong-ho, Seo Hyun-min, Eom Sang-pil, Q School

Kim Byung-ho, Seo Hyun-min, and Blue One Angels captain Eom Sang-pil, who reached the top each time on the PBA tour, are now heading to Q School.

As the 22/23 season PBA tour ended with the Crown Haitai Cup, where Cho Jae-ho won, 32 PBA-LPBA players (up to 32nd in prize money rankings) who will remain in the 1st division tour, Q School, and the King of Kings have been virtually confirmed.

◆ Um Sang-pil, Kim Byung-ho, Seo Hyun-min, Kim Nam-soo, Han Ji-seung, etc.

The criteria for remaining in the PBA 1st division tour for Q School is to rank 64th, the top 50% of the point ranking, out of 128 entries. Those who rank 65 or lower go down to Q School.

1st place in the points ranking this season is Cho Jae-ho, who scored 261,500 points with two victories. Second place is Frederic Coudron (180,400 points), third place David Zapata (176,500 points), fourth place Birol Wimas (159,000 points), fifth place Maminkam (158,000 points). David Martinez, Kang Min-goo, Lee Sang-dae, Kang Dong-gung, and Leppens are in the 6th to 10th place. Ko Sang-woon, Kim Tae-gwan, Park Kwang-yeol, Carion Lee Young-chun, and Jung Hae-chang, tied for 57th place (22,000 points), narrowly remained in the first division tour.

On the other hand, Team League Blue One Angels captain Eom Sang-pil (74th place, 16,500 points), Hana Card captain Kim Byeong-ho (joint 81st place, 15,500 points), Seo Hyun-min (Welcome Savings Bank) Kim Nam-soo (TS Shampoo, Puradak), etc. Boutour is outside the retention cut-off.

In particular, Kim Byeong-ho (winner of the Wellbang Cup in 19/20 season) and Seo Hyun-min (winner of the NH Nonghyup Card Cup in 20/21 season) are given the ‘winner benefits’ (even if the winner does not rank in the top 64, they can remain on the first division tour for two seasons). After the end of this season, the validity period expired and I went to Q School.

Players outside the top 64 must compete with the players from the 2nd (Dream Tour) and 3rd (Challenge Tour) at Q School and re-challenge 메이저사이트for the 1st Tour. The Q School schedule and method will be announced later.

PBA Kim Bong-cheol Shin Jeong-ju and LPBA Kang Ji-eun failed to participate in the King of Kings match◆PBA, Jaeho Cho Zapata Kudron… LPBA, Throng Kim Ga-yeong, and 64 players advance to the Wangjungwangjeon The

Wangjungwangjeon (PBA–LPBA World Championship) has 64 players (32 each for PBA and LPBA), and is determined by the final prize money ranking, which is the sum of eight tour results this season. If the prize money ranking is the same, it is determined in the order of ranking points, number of tour participations, set gains and losses (PBA only), season average, and season high run.

1st place in prize money ranking this season is Cho Jae-ho (222.5 million won), followed by Zapata (141.5 million won), 3rd place Kudlong (132.5 million won), 4th place Maminkam (121.5 million won) 5th place Wimaz (120 million) is in order.

Kim Jong-won (TS Shampoo, Puradak) Noh Byung-chan and Montes Choi Won-joon were tied for 29th (10 million won) and were able to participate in the King of Kings match.

On the other hand, Kim Bong-cheol (38th), Park In-soo, Shin Jeong-ju (tied for 41st), Nguyen Quoc Nguyen (44th), and Geon Hui Cho (50th) missed out on tickets to the King of Kings match.

In the LPBA, Throng Piabi, who won two wins this season (Blue One Resort, Crown Haetaebae), took first place (49.4 million won), followed by Kim Ga-young (2nd place, 48.15 million won) and Lim Jung-sook (3rd place, 30.7 million won). Hida Orie (4th place, 24.9 million won), Kim Min-ah (6th place, 23.95 million won), Kim Bo-mi (7th place, 14.1 million won), Lee Mi-rae (11th place, 9.5 million won) also won tickets for the King of Kings.

On the other hand, Kang Ji-eun (SK Rent-A-Car Direct) tied for 32nd with Jung Eun-young, but was unable to compete in the King of Kings due to being pushed out of the ranking points (5100-5700 points).

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