KIA ‘main catcher’ competition, 23-year-old Young Gun emerged

 23-year-old Young-gun has appeared in the KIA Tigers’ main catcher competition.

KIA announced the Arizona spring camp roster on the 15th, and the team consisted of 18 pitchers, 4 catchers, 8 infielders, and 6 outfielders.

The most prominent position is, of course, catcher. As Park Dong-won, who was the main catcher last season, moved to LG, the KIA homeroom seat is currently vacant.

Shin Beom-soo, Joo Hyo-sang, Han Seung-taek, and Kim Seon-woo, four catchers who participated in the spring camp, will compete for the starting spot, and among them, Kim Seon-woo, born in 2001 in his third year as a pro, is raising expectations.메이저사이트

Kim Seon-woo graduated from Gangneung High School and wore a KIA uniform with the overall number 84 in the 2nd 9th round of the 2021 draft.

In the first year of his debut, he recorded a batting average of 0.341 OPS 0.908 in 56 matches in the Futures League, and last season, he consistently showed a batting average of 30%, including a batting average of 0.303 OPS 0.732 in 66 games, and succeeded in making his first team debut.

Since high school, Kim Seon-woo has been evaluated as a catcher with good defense, such as clean blocking and stealing. In particular, he is a player with the ability to play infield positions such as second baseman and shortstop in addition to catcher, and his utilization is high.

Last season, KIA coach Kim Jong-guk also commented on Kim Seon-woo as “a player who can be expected to defend.”

Attention is focusing on whether Kim Seon-woo, who is called a promising catcher, can be reborn as the main catcher for the KIA this season through this spring camp.

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