Keeping the momentum going. Ace of glasses hunts for second win of the season after monster long toss, lighthearted bullpen pitching

Lotte’s ‘Glasses Ace’ Park Se-woong is ready for the starting lineup by practicing his bullpen pitching.

Park Se-woong pitched in the bullpen before the game against NC at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 23rd.

After warming up, Park took the field in his uniform and performed a long toss in the outfield as per his routine.

After the long toss, Park entered the bullpen and his pitches were light.

He sprayed the ball toward the bullpen catcher’s mitt and drew the admiration of the bullpen catcher who received the ball.안전놀이터

Park earned his first win of the season against SSG on April 19 at Sajik Stadium in Busan, giving up one run on six hits in six innings with three walks and six strikeouts. It was his first quality start and first win of the season in only his seventh appearance.

Park will take the mound today against NC at Sajik Ballpark, looking for his second win of the season and the team’s second win of the series.

Can Park continue the good ‘momentum’ from his last start and get his second win of the season? The eyes of Lotte fans are on the mound at Sajik Stadium.

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