Jeju, looking at a higher place, the source of confidence is a pleasant team atmosphere

Professional soccer K League 1 Jeju United is in the midst of quenching for the new season in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Jeju is preparing for a higher place under the guidance of coach Nam Ki-il, ahead of the 4th season.

Jeju started a training camp in Chiang Mai on the 5th. Already staying for more than a week, many players have improved their condition. Except for five or six players who joined late, they are fully participating in training. In the eyes of the Jeju players who unfortunately failed to advance to the AFC Champions League after finishing fifth last season, we can see the determination to advance to the Asian stage in the new season.

There were also some changes to the squad. The Brazilian duo Yuri and Hays joined in the place where Joo Min-gyu, who ranked second in scoring last season, left. The two players are raising expectations as an attacking trio along with existing foreign player Jonathan Ling. They also recruited defender Yeon Je-woon, multi-midfielder Lee Gi-hyeok, goalkeeper Kim Hyeong-geun, and striker Kim Seung-seop, and succeeded in reinforcing them across all positions. The addition of Song Joo-hoon and Lim Dong-hyuk, who have completed their military service, is also a great strength. On the other hand, Bitgaram Yun, Zerso, Jo Seong-jun, and Kim Beom-soo left the team. 메이저사이트

The atmosphere at the training ground looked very good. Under the guidance of coach Nam Ki-il, all players actively participated in training. Even in a serious atmosphere, the players seemed happy without losing their smiles. In particular, coach Nam Ki-il encouraged the entire team and at the same time gave detailed tactical explanations to some players.

He also had some standout scenes. Coach Jeong Jo-guk gathered the attacking players and trained them on the shooting process. During this process, coach Jeong Jo-guk actively explained to Yuri about playing with a defender. Yuri, who is highly anticipated with her excellent physical ability, received guidance from coach Jeong Jo-guk and shook the net with a shot following a smooth turn, and her teammates burst into applause and cheers. It was a moment when the advice given by the manager, who boasts a brilliant career, to a career employee who had been hired with great expectations fit perfectly. After being baptized with compliments from his colleagues, Yuri smiled shyly and gave a high five.

The atmosphere continued even outside the training ground. Even during mealtimes, the players ate with happy faces, and smiles bloomed in the treatment room after training. The distance between veteran players and rookie players seemed not too far away.

The staff who supported the team, who came out to overseas training camp for the first time in three years, also took the lead and gave strength to the players. On the 13th, an unexpected surprise party was held. When the daytime temperature rose to 30 degrees, the support staff voluntarily brought in watermelon hwachae. He hinted that he bought 15 watermelons from a nearby mart and made them for about two hours. After the training, the players who tasted the unexpected watermelon hwachae forgot about the hardships and felt refreshed.

The new season Jeju is determined to go higher. The players are full of confidence, and the source of this confidence seemed to be the pleasant team atmosphere that continued throughout the training camp.

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