Another player left the court after being applauded.

Woori Bank forward Ram Hong (34) officially left the court after a retirement ceremony at Asan Yi Sun-sin Gymnasium on the 16th. A two-minute dedication video appeared on the billboard. As if her 15 years of professional life had passed by, Hong Hong-ram was constantly shedding tears.

Souvenirs and bouquets were handed over. This day was especially the third day of the season when Woori Bank faced Samsung Life Insurance, the team where Hong Hong-ram made his debut. Both teams gave him a bouquet of flowers to see him off.

At the time of the ‘2007 WKBL Rookie Draft’, Hong Hong-ram was nominated as the 5th pick in the 1st round of Samsung Life Insurance. During the 15 seasons from the 2007 winter league to the 2021-22 season, he recorded an average of 3.5 points and 1.7 rebounds in his personal career in the regular league while playing for Samsung Life Insurance, KEB Hana Bank (now Hana One Q), and Woori Bank.

He had good defense, good outside shooting ability, and was active on the hustle play. The coat he has quilted for 15 years is covered with sweat drops that he has not spared himself. From the 2016-17 season, Hong has experienced two integrated championships and three regular league championships with Woori Bank.

He also played with the Korean national flag on the national basketball team. He competed in the 2007 FIBA ​​U-19 World Women’s Basketball Championship and also played in the 2014 FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup.

Hong Bo-ram said, “The team that made his professional debut is Samsung Life Insurance, and I am grateful to the people involved in the club for making such a meaningful place. I was not a flashy player, but I was able to stand here because I met the best coaches and players at Woori Bank. I am grateful to my parents for supporting me physically and mentally for 34 years.”

From this season, Hong Ram is starting his second life as a manager at Woori Bank. Woori Bank coach Seong-woo Seong-woo said of Bo-ram Hong after the match, “Bo-ram Hong was a player who did not stand out even when he was with him. He never took a break from exercising, and while being really quiet, he was like a ‘salt’ player.” 메이저놀이터

Director Wi said, “That’s why I caught people who wanted to retire and suggested a manager. He’s a really hard worker. Athletes who exercise diligently do well even if they are told to work. Although it is important for players to be good at basketball. He wants his life to be good like Hwang Ramm. It’s important for seniors to play games, but I think they can be recognized if they lead a good life. He praised him, saying, “I want him to imitate Hong Kong Ram.”

Park Hye-jin, captain of Woori Bank, said, “(Hong) Bo-ram’s heart was touched when I saw the video of her exercising up to this point. She also played together, but Boram’s older sister, who was with her, is always a player who silently spared herself for the team. He was a player like ‘salt’. He has worked so hard, and I hope he will only walk on a better flower path in the future.”

In his own words, he was ‘not a flashy player’, but he remains ‘in our hearts’ as a player who always sacrificed himself for the team. Adios, the public relations person who was like ‘salt’!