‘Is there such a thing?’… Sacramento Kings, 10,000 years lower, relieving 16-year PO drought + securing at least 3 seed

Tottenham in the English Premier League are suffering from a 15-year absence.

As always, this time too, it’s noisy because of the director’s problem. The coach criticizes the players, and the players clamor to sack the manager.

The biggest change in the NBA 2922-2023 season is happening. There is a team that has failed to make the playoffs for 16 years while sitting at the bottom of the ten thousand years, but will confidently make the playoffs this season with at least the No. 3 seed.

The Kings, which is based in Sacramento, the capital of California, is the main character.

The Kings are currently in third place in the Western Conference. Unless there is an unexpected change, it is expected that they will advance to the playoffs with at least the 3rd seed. With eight games left, the Kings are chasing the second-placed Memphis Grizzlies by 1.5 games, so a last-minute turnaround is possible. They are six games ahead of fourth-place Phoenix.

The Kings’ success is due to the hiring of Mike Brown as manager.

He led the Cleveland Cavaliers to an NBA championship in 2009. 안전놀이터

He has since gone through several teams as a manager and coach. Last season he coached the Golden State Warriors.

Brown has been instrumental in the Kings’ resurgence this season, changing the fortunes of the Kings in his first season as manager.

Under the Kings’ guidance, K-center Domantas Sabonis and guard Diaron Fox earned their third and first All-Star selections, respectively.

Brown, who was selected as the manager of the year in 2009, is again considered a good candidate for the director of the year award. Even when he pats a game, he never criticizes his players. He works hard with his players to win the next match. This is why the Kings can rebel even in the playoffs.

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