‘Interest in Lee Kang-in’ even to Sociedad, ‘reinforcement 1st priority compared to UCL’

Real Sociedad is also targeting Lee Kang-in.

Interest in Korea’s ‘next ace’ Lee Kang-in is hot. Last winter, transfer rumors started from reporter Matteo Moreto of Spanish media ‘Relevo’ and are still being mentioned.

The teams involved are also diverse. Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, Aston Villa, Newcastle United, Burnley, and Feyenoord were mentioned, and even Tottenham Hotspur, where Son Heung-min is involved, emerged as a candidate. As of now, Atletico and Tottenham are showing the strongest interest.

It has become a reliable resource. Until last season, Lee Kang-in was a player with clear weaknesses as well as clear strengths. But he made tremendous progress this season. Left-footed kicks and playmaking, which were originally strengths, have become more mature, and activity, stamina, speed, and defensive ability, which have been pointed out as weaknesses, have increased. This season, he has established himself as Mallorca’s de facto ‘ace’ and ranks first in the team’s rating according to football statistics media ‘Who Scored’.

A new team showed interest in Lee Kang-in. The main character is Real Sociedad. Spanish media ‘Pichhajes’ said on the 4th (Korean time), “Sociedad is planning to strengthen the squad to prepare for the UEFA Champions League (UCL) next season, and one of the names that sounds strong is Lee Kang-in of Mallorca. “he said.

“The signing of Lee Kang-in will be a great reinforcement for Sociedad in preparation for the UCL. He is a resource that can bring enough quality and youth to the midfield. Sociedad is confident that he will be of great help in achieving the club’s goals.” he added.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

He could be an attractive enough transfer. Sociedad ranks 4th in the league this season and has a strong chance of winning the UCL, so it is a better team than Mallorca, and it is also a club where Takefusa Kubo, Lee Kang-in’s teammate, is involved. Also, as it is a Spanish league, it seems that adaptation will not be a problem.

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