In the end, ‘reunion’ with Tuhell… Joining Bayern Munich

 Coach Anthony Berry (36, England) was newly appointed as an assistant coach for Bayern Munich (Germany) and ‘reunited’ with coach Thomas Tuchel (49, Germany) again. It has been about 7 months since they broke up in early September of last year.

Bayern Munich said on the official website on the 21st (Korean time), “Coach Berry has joined. The contract period is until 2025.” Together with the coach, I will assist coach Tuchel.” The four came together again following their time at Chelsea (England).

Coach Barry, who retired from active life at an early age in 2017, took up the position of assistant coach at Wigan Athletic (England) and walked the leadership path in earnest. During his time as a player, his name was not known because he mainly moved around the lower leagues, but as his leader, he was ‘win-win’. 스포츠토토

According to actual local experts, Coach Barry was highly praised for his tactical understanding and discerning eye for the game, as well as his close relationship with his players. He was also famous for his proficiency in set-piece drills, both defensively and offensively.

Coach Berry was eventually recognized for his ability and joined as an assistant coach in August 2020 while receiving a ‘love call’ from Chelsea. Afterwards, he served as an assistant coach for the Irish national football team (2021-22) and the Belgian national football team (2022). Since last February, he has been the assistant coach of the Portuguese national football team.

In the midst of this, as soon as coach Tuchel took the helm of Bayern Munich at the end of last year, Coach Berry openly and strongly requested a reunion, drawing attention to his future. In particular, when Chelsea firmly drew a line saying that they could not send it, fierce competition was expected to unfold.

Coach Berry, however, was fired earlier this month by coach Graham Porter (47, England) for poor performance, and at this time he took responsibility and left, ending his company with Chelsea. Afterwards, he accepted Tuchel’s offer and joined Bayern Munich to continue his new challenge on his new stage.

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