“I’m in better shape than last year”… Minnesota, a wrecked Corea

 Carlos Correa (29) went through a rough free agent (FA) contract process. He went back and forth between cold and hot baths before eventually returning to the Minnesota Twins. Minnesota has complete confidence in Correa, and Correa has her smile back.

Minnesota and Correa held a press conference on the 12th (Korean time). After signing a three-year, $105.3 million contract last year, he declared an opt-out after one year and went to the market, but the San Francisco Giants (13 years, $350 million), New York Mets (12 years, $315 million) and Medical As the contract was canceled during the test phase, Correa, who was in a mess, was embraced again.

Minnesota and Correa have agreed to a six-year, $200 million guaranteed contract. In the final season of the contract, a four-year vesting option (fulfilling 502 at-bats) is at stake, and if this option is executed, the total amount of the contract will increase to $270 million over 10 years.

Last year, Minnesota offered him a 10-year, $285 million contract, but was turned down. Later, the contract with San Francisco and the Mets was canceled due to an injury to the right fibula fracture suffered while playing in Single A in 2014. Correa now has a metal plate inserted into his right ankle to hold his bones in place. With a long-term contract of more than 10 years, neither the Mets nor San Francisco were confident about Correa’s uncertain future. 메이저사이트

But Minnesota, who had been with Correa last year, had confidence in his physical condition. Even though Correa rejected the initial offer, he did not let go of his interest and after persistent courtship, he took it back.

Minnesota President Derek Palvey said, “In baseball or in our lives, there are times when destiny meets again and an unexpected opportunity comes. The journey is not always linear. Sometimes they go round and round, but Carlos (Corea) is here now. We know that Carlos has come to the right place,” he explains of his fateful reunion with Correa.

The terms of the contract continued to deteriorate over time, but ‘Super Agent’ Scott Boras calmly described the reunion with Minnesota. He said, “I want to praise them for jumping into the negotiation process itself. They weren’t the best, but they jumped in again. That’s why Minnesota has always been in my heart. “Minnesota has always shown us to be ready,” he said. “Palvey’s interest drew me to it because I knew he had the ability to achieve goals in complex situations.”

After the 12-year, $315 million agreement, the Mets found problems in the medical test, so during the renegotiation process, the Mets lowered the guarantee condition to $157.5 million for six years and added an additional condition of $157.5 million for six years depending on health. It was a 6+6 year condition. On top of that, he even went up to the condition of the annual medical test. In the end, Correa’s negotiations with the Mets broke down, and Minnesota’s return to Minnesota was confirmed as Minnesota guaranteed a larger amount.

Minnesota has already conducted a medical test last year when it signed a contract with Correa. It was the most direct comparison between last year and the most recent change in body condition. MLB.com said, “Shortly after Christmas, with Correa not signing with the Mets, Minnesota confirmed that there was still a problem with Correa’s contract and reached out to Correa to convey the idea that they are always open to dialogue.” Dr. Chris Camp, an orthopedic surgeon who conducted Correa’s medical tests with the Minnesota club last year, confirmed that he had received Correa’s latest medical information and reviewed it again.”

In the process, Minnesota embraced Correa. “Dr. Camp told me I was in ‘very good shape’,” Correa said. Even better than last year,’ he told me,” he explained about Minnesota’s medical testing process.

Eventually, Correa got her smile back and resumed her career in Minnesota. Correa explained Minnesota’s determination to be more committed, even though it was his third-choice team. He said, “The important thing is what and how I do from this moment on. My family and I will do more for this city.

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