“I didn’t let go of exercise even though it hurt”: the story of bodybuilder Son Seong-joon who runs again

Son Seong-jun, who has achieved remarkable growth as one of the few top-class bodybuilders in Korea, such as winning various competitions in 2021, was hot last summer when dark clouds hung over his day, which seemed to be prosperous in 2022.

He was taken to the hospital due to a sudden heart problem, and he lost consciousness and was wandering at the crossroads of life and death, dependent on ECMO. After barely regaining consciousness in the intensive care unit, he even hinted at his retirement as a player by saying that he would live happily with his family. However, after returning from treatment at the hospital, the only place he could rely on was exercise. He worked out with the strength that he didn’t even have the strength to lift a 5kg dumbbell and rebuilt his body from zero base by running on a treadmill.

It’s not easy, but he’s building his body step by step. He’s not fast, but his condition is getting better too. During the time he was in the hospital, what changes occurred in his life and his mind, where he had only moved forward without moving backward? And wouldn’t he have let go of the player’s string? With this curiosity in mind, the Monster Gym production team headed to Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, where there is a fitness center run by Son Seong-jun.

When asked about his current status, Son Seong-joon said, “I live a daily life of repeating recovery and exercise while running the center without anything special .  ” It is said that the number has risen by about 10%. If it rises to 10% in the future, the professor says it is a stable zone. Currently, since I have to grow my heart muscle, I place a lot of weight on aerobic exercise, and I increase the proportion of walking or running on a treadmill compared to when I only cycled. There is,” he explained about his physical condition.

How is his physical condition now? In response to this question, Son Seong-jun said, “It’s still at 70%,” and smiled, saying that he had improved a lot compared to when he was discharged. He said, “After being discharged from the hospital, it was difficult to even lift a 5kg dumbbell. However, because of the exercise I have been doing, I kept repeating it and gradually increased it. He explained the difficult times in the past.

For him, 2022 was a year in which the best and the worst coexisted. In October 2021, he had the best year to win the MN Classic Grand Prix and entered the beginning of 2022, but while preparing for the season, a sudden health problem came, and he could not meet 2023, so his 2022 will be different from anything else. It was a more memorable year than ever before. He said, “I think 2022 is the worst year for me and maybe the best year. I prepared fiercely for the match with support and interest, and I went through hard times due to health problems during the process, and I felt sad, depressed, and lost. I think it has become stronger.” He looked back on 2022. 토토사이트

In particular, it was a big lesson he learned that he was able to raise awareness about health. He said, “Before, I thought it would be okay because I was still young, and I thought I was comfortable with myself. However,  when I woke up after waking up, I thought a lot. I wonder  if my path, which I walked only for bodybuilding, was wrong, and now I will move forward. ” I was surrounded by a sense of dejection and loss that I couldn’t exercise or that the tower I had built had collapsed. However, there were so many people who supported and loved me, so I don’t work hard anymore, and I want to exercise happily while communicating with them. I looked back, checked, and took a closer look. I desperately realized that I couldn’t do anything without health and that it was really difficult to regain my health, so I put a lot of weight on my health.”

The first gym he encountered at the age of 24, the gym with him like fate, was ignited by Son Seok-ho, and he was able to grow as the best bodybuilder. The path he walked was ‘NO PLAN B’, just like his signature. It was a life of walking forward , running competitions every year since my mid-20s  . He explained about his bodybuilding path, “I never looked back in any difficult situation. I didn’t try to take another path, I just ran with my goal in mind.” 

There were difficult times as a player. There were times when I wanted to quit exercising because it was so hard to prepare for the competition. Each time he imagined it. The imagination of standing on the same stage with bodybuilders who were like stars on stage was the driving force behind Son Seong-jun’s 1RM increase. Having endured such hard times, he became a full-fledged bodybuilder and became a champion by competing against the best bodybuilders on a stage he could only imagine. It was a splendid achievement achieved with no plan rain. 

However, what happened last year served as an opportunity for him to slightly change his no-plan ratio, which he believed to be an iron rule. ” You don’t have to go through your health and not look around,” he said. He continued, “The most important thing is not to lose yourself. I think I can organize my no-plan expenses by saying that I should do the best I can in the current situation instead of thinking that I should follow that person in the given environment. ” said

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