Women’s volleyball Heungkuk Life Insurance has appointed a new head coach amidst the head coach’s hardship.

Controversy over the club’s involvement in the appointment of players arose, and players, including Kim Yeon-kyung, have already been hurt.

Attention is focusing on whether the situation will be settled with the appointment of a new director.

This is reporter Hong Seok-jun.


Heungkuk Life Insurance is leading the success of women’s volleyball with the joining of ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung.

Controversy over ‘the top line of the club intervened in the appointment of players’ was engulfed in controversy, and during the season, the coach and general manager were hardened, which was an unprecedented situation.

In particular, the controversy intensified as even head coach Lee Young-soo, who served as acting manager, expressed his gratitude after just one game.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which started to evolve the situation, immediately took over the baton to Kim Ki-joong, director of Sunseon Girls’ High School, the next day.

Coach Kim is a friend of the same age who played with former head coach Kwon Soon-chan, who had been sacked, on college and unemployment teams.

Although he is good at the club’s internal affairs, it is unknown whether coach Kim, who first led a professional team, will be able to deal with the situation as a relief pitcher and reorganize the team.

<Kim Ki-joong / Heungkuk Life Insurance’s new manager> “Everyone from the CEO to the general manager gave a definite answer saying that he delegated full authority over the selection of players and tactics/strategy, and that he would not be involved in such matters…”

It is none other than the players who are suffering the most in the messy atmosphere.

Kim Yeon-kyung expressed her frustration at not being able to do anything as a senior member of her team. 메이저사이트

<Kim Yeon-kyung / Heungkuk Life Insurance> “Everyone was embarrassed, and in the midst of embarrassment, it was not a situation where anyone could come out and talk, so everything was cautious.”

In 2021, Kim Yeon-kyung was unable to play a normal season due to a school violence incident by a teammate.

Kim Yeon-kyung, who was looking forward to returning to Korea and winning, was deprived of ‘happy volleyball’ this season as well.