Hanwha’s No. 1 monster rookie receiving selection classes, Futures 4.2 innings, 5 runs, hunting… 19 days ago I couldn’t win

Kim Seo-hyeon (19), a monster rookie of the Hanwha Eagles, who is receiving starting classes in the Futures League, was in trouble.카지노사이트

Seohyun Kim started the match against Goyang Heroes in the 2023 KBO Futures League held at Seosan Stadium on the 25th.

Kim Seo-hyun started off by striking out Kim Tae-jin on three pitches in the first inning. However, Kim Woong-bin hit a double, and Park Chan-hyuk turned it into a ground ball, but Park Joo-hong hit a heavy hit with an RBI. Ye Jin-won struck out and avoided an additional run.

Kim Seo-hyun, a monster rookie of Hanwha, is undergoing selection classes in the 2nd division. Photo = Reporter Cheon Jeong-hwan

The 2nd time wasn’t easy either. Leading batters Park Soo-jong and Seung-won Woo got consecutive infield hits, and luck wasn’t there. Park Seong-bin turned right fielder into a floating ball, but Lee Se-ho at bat made a mistake on the third baseman’s throw, and Park Soo-jong stepped on the groove in the process. After that, he avoided mistakes through his unique crisis management ability.

In the 3rd inning, he got two hits, but finished the inning without a run, and in the 4th inning, he made the first tripartite inning of the game.

The problem was 5 times. crashed down It was good until Kim Tae-jin was treated as a left fielder fly and Kim Woong-bin as a first base ground ball. However, after Park Chan-hyuk hit a home run, Park Joo-hong hit and Ye Jin-won walked. On the Hanwha bench, Kim Seo-hyun was lowered and Song Yun-jun was raised. Kim Seo-hyeon’s run increased to 5 as Song Yun-joon failed to stop the runners on the base from entering the home field.

Seohyun Kim’s final record is 4.2 innings, 8 hits (1 home run), 4 strikeouts and 5 runs (4 earned).

Kim Seo-hyun, who joined Hanwha as the first overall player, played an active role in the bullpen even at the beginning of the season. Kim Seo-hyun, who recorded an average ERA of 5.60 in 18 games in the 1st team and 1 save, came down to the 2nd team in early June and is receiving starting classes. On June 15, he started against Lotte (2 innings, 1 run, 38 pitches), started against Doosan on the 25th (3.1 innings, no runs, 74 pitches), and on the 6th, against Goyang (5.2 innings, 1 run, 97 pitches). His fourth start ended in disappointment.

Hanwha fans are waiting for the day when he starts in the first team.

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