Gwang Hyeon-jong’s successor and the new master’s heart… Expectations for restoration of NC honor are full

 “If you are a catcher, you will think that you want to receive the ball from Chang-mo Koo.”

All members of NC are like that, but is there a player who wants to play this season as much as Chang-mo Koo and Se-hyuk Park? It is a very significant season. It is an opportunity for Koo Chang-mo to completely get away from the durability issue that has been bothering him. Only when he actually strips it can he establish a foothold for a long run as the successor of King Hyeonjong Gwang.

Park Se-hyuk has been sluggish for the past 2-3 years during his time at Doosan. He honestly confessed that it was not good after leaving Changwon NC Park right after the New Year’s party on the 16th due to an orbital fracture at the beginning of the 2021 season. Even if he is not as good as Yang Eui-ji (Doosan), he has to prove that he is competitive enough as a full-time main catcher.

In order for NC to overcome the sluggishness of the past two years and make a leap forward, it is necessary to increase the win rate as much as possible in the game where the native ace Gu Chang-mo plays. The prerequisite for this is the durability of Guchangmo. Except for this part, the collaboration between Koo Chang-mo and the new main catcher Park Se-hyeok is also of interest.

Immediately after the New Year’s party on the 16th, Koo Chang-mo said, “I’m looking forward to working with senior Park Se-hyuk. I want to go to the campsite as soon as possible and pitch, and try to guess as soon as possible. This season, I started training earlier than usual. It has come up a lot now. I plan to even pitch in Jeju Island.” 헤라카지노

In particular, Gu Chang-mo said, “Catchers have their own style. I tend to trust the catcher and throw. If the catcher throws well where he wants, I think good results will lead.” Since Gu Chang-mo has good control, he can easily lead the game as a catcher.

Fortunately, Park Se-hyeok’s ability to carefully read and lead pitchers, which is not often left in the stats, is considered his greatest strength. He said, “I don’t remember hitting well against NC, but it seems that the young pitchers have grown even more. There are many good pitchers. If you are a catcher, you will think that you want to receive the ball from Koo Chang-mo.”

Park Sae-hyeok also waits for the day when he works with Koo Chang-mo. Furthermore, “I want to receive the ball from young pitchers such as Shin Min-hyuk and Song Myung-ki, in addition to Koo Chang-mo. Even when he was at Doosan, he dragged young pitchers. You can do a lot in NC. There are many pitchers with good pitches and good pitches. I want to get the ball quickly.”

Koo Chang-mo is in private training on Jeju Island with his teammate Park Min-woo. In preparation for participating in the WBC in March, the pitching pace was advanced compared to previous years. Park Se-hyuk also acknowledged his sluggish batting during his time at Doosan and is preparing for his next leap forward. At the same time, they did not hide their expectations for each other. It is heart-to-heart. If NC recovers its honor this season, it is highly likely that this battery will lead at the starting point in terms of member composition.

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