Goyang Carrot ‘boy’s head’ Lee Jeong-hyeon…”My eyes widened as soon as I started PO”

“I think my eyes were rolling around the start of the playoffs (PO).”

Lee Jung-hyun of Goyang Carrot, a professional basketball team, looked back on the heated ‘Spring Basketball’ like this. Although the season ended with a 1-3 series loss to Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation on the threshold of the championship match, second-year guard Lee Jung-hyun announced the birth of a star to succeed Lee Jung-hyun (Seoul Samsung), a senior with the same name, with a spirited performance throughout the PO. . In a phone call with the Hankook Ilbo on the 21st, Lee Jung-hyun said, “(Former) Seong-hyun started the PO in a situation where he couldn’t play properly (because of the cochlear tube), but I felt like my pride would be hurt if I just fell to 3.” (Kim Seung-gi) I played the game without even realizing it was difficult as the coach’s desire to compete, which had been emphasized since the regular season, increased.”

As he said, Lee Jung-hyun boasted of steel stamina throughout the PO. He recorded the most playing time (34 minutes and 2 seconds) among all players in the regular league, and averaged 36 minutes and 46 seconds (team 1st place) in the semifinal PO and 31 minutes 43 seconds (team 2nd place) in the semifinal PO. ran He didn’t just run a lot. He averaged 24 points (2nd on the team) in the PO of the 6th round. Manager Kim Seung-gi, who was stingy with praise, praised the team by saying, “Jung Hyun-yi led the team to the semifinals.”

In the background of his rapid growth, there was director Kim’s harsh ‘taming’. Lee Jung-hyun laughed, saying, “I was scolded by the coach a lot throughout the season.” 메이저놀이터

Director Kim’s teaching eventually developed him from a ‘prospect’ to a ‘top class guard’. Lee Jung-hyun said, “For example, in the past, I liked to break through and stick with the opponent, but the coach stopped and demanded that I induce a foul or give an assist by taking the ball out.” Awakening

to new plays, Lee Jung-hyun literally grew every game. In the regular league, he scored 15 points (3rd in the team) and 4.2 assists (1st in the team), forming a ‘local one-two punch’ with Jeon Seong-hyun and playing solidly. He said, “I had the experience of going through the ‘2nd year jinx’ in college, so I had a strong will to ‘don’t make the same mistake again’.” came,” he said.

Still, I wasn’t satisfied. He said, “As I took on the role of point guard for the first time this season, I thought a lot about the direction I should go on the professional stage. He became convinced that he could grow as a main ball handler if he further improved his reading ability or field goal success rate,” he said.

Although Carrot has performed well this season, the future fate of the club is uncertain. Due to the deteriorating financial situation of the parent company, negotiations on the sale are underway, and there are even rumors of a transfer of the parent company. However, Lee Jung-hyun emphasized that regardless of this situation, he would carry his gratitude for his Goyang fans for the rest of his life. He said, “I was very moved by the full support from the home fans this season. Goyang Gymnasium is the stage where I made my professional debut. I will never forget it for the rest of my life.” He bowed his head.

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