“Gi Bo-bae is coming, apply!”… Crazy Seoul National University PE class

As rumors circulated that Ki Bo-bae (35), an Olympic gold medalist in archery, was lecturing a liberal arts course at Seoul National University, the competition to register for the course ignited.

On the 8th, in various communities such as Seoul National University Everytime, an article titled ‘Seoul National University’s physical education class went crazy’ was posted. On the 26th of last month, based on the archery subject registered메이저사이트 in the Seoul National University course registration system, Ki Bo-bae will stand on the podium. If you look at the actual archery course details, you can check the ‘Syllabus_Archery_Ki Bo-bae.hwp’ file.

Regarding this, the reaction among Seoul National University students is hot. The competition ratio for the lecture exceeded 10 to 1. The lecture was scheduled for Friday at 9:00 and 11:00 am. The capacity of the lecture was 30 to 31, but the number of students who put the lecture in their cart was 310 and 328, respectively. According to the syllabus, the maximum number of additional students outside the capacity is 2.

An official from the Department of Physical Education at Seoul National University said, “The instructor has not been confirmed yet.” The appointment of instructors is expected to be finalized by the end of this month. It was reported that Ki Bo-bae’s side said through the media, “We are still waiting for a notice, so we are cautious.”

Rumors that Ki Bo-bae will be in charge of liberal arts classes spread quickly in various communities. Netizens commented on the names of famous sports stars such as ‘Jang Mi-ran’s weightlifting class’ and ‘Jin Jong-oh’s shooting class’, saying that they should be brought in as professors.

There was also a response that highly praised the level of Seoul National University lectures. Comments such as “Going to Seoul National University and taking a good professor’s class and studying hard will be rewarded” “For reference, the professor who was teaching the previous lecture was Yoon Hye-young, a gold medalist at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics”. In fact, the last archery lecture at Seoul National University was given by Yun Hye-young, who won the gold medal in the women’s team archery event at the 26th Atlanta Olympics in 1996.

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