Game 5 given after conceding schedule… Can KGC laugh at home?

Will the regular league champion’s concession turn into a boomerang? Or will the series be overturned and present the last ring to the legend in the living room?

Anyang KGC lost to Seoul SK 60-66 in the 5th game of the 2022-23 professional basketball championship held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 3rd. After losing the first game, they caught the second and third games in a row, and they were driven into a crisis by losing the flow again.

These are two teams that played close matches throughout the regular season. The tense flow of the championship match is not much different from what was expected. However, KGC fans are left with regret. because of the schedule. The 1st and 2nd games of this championship were held at Anyang Gymnasium, the home stadium of KGC, the 1st place team, and the 3rd to 5th games were held at SK’s home student gym. It wasn’t until the 6th and 7th games that Anyang could go home.

The existing professional basketball championship schedule is a 2-2-1-1-1 format in which 2 top team home games and 2 bottom team home games are played, followed by 1 top team home game, 1 bottom team home game, and 1 top team home game. am. However, this championship match is a 2-3-2 format. SK, the lower team, can play three consecutive games at home first. Depending on the flow at the beginning of the series, SK may win at home, and KGC can win at home only when the series is difficult.

The schedule was changed because the student gym could not be rented on the 5th, when the 6th game was held. The Office of Education, the operator of the gym, told SK that it was impossible to rent a championship game for the reason of holding a government-related event.

A KGC official said in a phone call with this magazine, “It was the morning of the 4th game of the semifinal playoff (PO) against Goyang Day 1. This was because if KGC won the 4th game, the championship game schedule would be announced immediately. At that time, SK said, ‘KGC is currently leading with 2 wins and 1 loss, and if we win today, we will be advancing to the championship as a higher team than SK, so I would like to discuss the schedule.” A KGC official said, “SK explained that they had a rental, but on the 5th, they said that the student gym was handed over due to the (Education Office’s) external rental schedule. Then, they reported a request to change the series schedule in 2-3-2.”

Of course, just because the 5th is blocked doesn’t mean that all schedule changes are blocked. However, this case was different. A KGC official said, “After receiving the request, the schedule proposed by our side was 2-2-2-1. However, it was not possible to host the student gymnasium for the 7th game. The rental hall on the 7th was already full, so we could not use our hands.” .

It is not that KGC did not expect a backlash. A KGC official said, “Fans may think that it is right to be in favor of our team even a little bit. You will have it. Looking at the market situation, both teams were in the middle of the year. In the regular league, the opponent record was 3 wins and 3 losses, and only 1 game was won.”

KGC replied that they should avoid lameness in the championship match. A KGC official said, “If we had asked to follow the rules, SK was obviously at fault, so we could have endured. Then what would happen?” Therefore, large stadiums have a full schedule. Since it is a professional basketball championship game, there must be a broadcasting facility and it must be able to properly accommodate spectators. It must also have a court of appropriate international standards. Unless there are unmanned cameras and no spectators in high school basketball courts, the schedule There was no other way than to pull it back completely,” he said. It was also not easy to pull back the schedule as all the individual schedules of the athletes, such as weddings, were scheduled.

Among the fans, ‘SK did not follow the rules set by the board of directors. There was also criticism that KBL was not playing its role. However, a KGC official said, “It was a matter that the two clubs reached an agreement without the Professional Basketball League (KBL) intervening in the matter.” I didn’t own it, and I wasn’t in a situation to come up with an alternative.”메이저놀이터

KGC’s concession resulted in a 2-3 disadvantage. It is unknown how effective the home-away field is, but in a situation where even one game was lost, the remaining two games were played. The number of cases left in KGC, which yielded the schedule due to the lack of cases, is only precedent.

Of course, if you can write a drama, you can write a ‘God’s move’ that reverses the atmosphere from the club’s point of view. KGC set the PO slogan as ‘Last Defense’ to commemorate the retirement of legend Yang Hee-jong. If you can write a dramatic drama and win the championship by winning the two home matches, you can present the best retirement ceremony to Yang Hee-jong.

However, drama is a drama because it is not easy. As for KGC, we have to make up our mind to win by beating Bae Su-jin in the 6th game. Game 6 of the series will be held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 5th. The heat has already been reserved, and now all KGC needs is victory.

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