Gamba Osaka, which fell to last place, apologizes for the cheering boycott

Japan’s J1 League Gamba Osaka, where national defender Kwon Kyung-won plays, bowed his head and apologized to the fans.

On the 20th, Gamba said on its official website, “Thank you for all the support and encouragement of everyone related to Gamba, such as fans, supporters, and partners who always support Gamba. I prepared an attractive football that takes the lead in ball and defense this year, but the results are not satisfactory.” We deeply apologize for causing great concern.”

The apology, which was made public in the name of President Tadashi Ono, is due to the support boycott of fans in a situation where Gamba fell to the bottom.

The supporters union supporting Gamba declared a boycott of cheering on social media ahead of the home game against Yokohama Marinos on the 20th. Amid the silence of those who normally energize the players behind the goal, Gamba lost 0-2 and fell into a five-game losing streak. It was even more painful because it came out even when the opponent, Yokohama, had 10 players due to the sending off of one player.안전놀이터

Gamba are struggling this year with Spanish coach Daniel Poyatos taking over the helm. Poyatos’ new tactic, which dominates the game with high ball possession and focuses on attacking, has yet to take hold.

Gamba issued an official apology and announced the re-confidence of Poyatos, but it is evaluated that it is unknown what the results will be in the future.

In Korea, there was pain from Jeonbuk Hyundai’s sluggish performance this year and a quarrel with fans. Jeonbuk also received a boycott of support from fans, but only after former manager Kim Sang-sik put down the baton, the support started again.

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