Fracture and fracture, but always stand up Ansan GK Lee Seung-bin

Ansan Greeners goalkeeper Lee Seung-bin returns from injury. It has been about six months since he suffered a metacarpal fracture in his right hand in August of last year. It was very regrettable because it was an injury that I received while playing 30 games and was doing well.

Lee Seung-bin, who took a break for about three months after the surgery, put on goalkeeper gloves again around mid-January after rehabilitation. He is participating in Ansan’s winter field training in Seogwipo, Jeju, and suffered a minor injury again during training.

Throughout his career, serious injuries followed, including broken bones in both hands and sunken temples. If he was very upset, his mother suggested that he stop playing football now, and in 2021 he even changed his name. However메이저사이트, Lee Seung-bin returned to the pitch every time.

-. I’ve been training for about a month now.

“I trained after getting injured. I was sick again, so I couldn’t train properly. I checked again after not being able to exercise properly for about two weeks

and now I’m doing well, but it’s hard. I took a break and started exercising in December. I got injured again in mid-January, so I took a break for about two weeks before exercising.”

-. I almost became the best player, how is it?

“I think you’ll hear ‘Kkondae’ after saying this (laughs). There seems to be a part that is different from our time. When I was young, it was difficult and difficult to approach the hyungs, but these days, my friends definitely approach me first

nd talk first. . I also try to talk well with that, so it’s comfortable when we stay together. (Roommate?) I used to write with Lee Jun-hee. If I use it with my juniors, it’s difficult for them. I deliberately avoided them, but all my friends who shared a room with me were out. I wanted to be better, so I decided to share with my older brother, so I shared a room with Junhee. Now, the coach decided to stay with Shin Jaehyuk. Jaehyuk also says he goes to work out, but he doesn’t stay in the room often.”

-. He prepares for the season starting with training with coach Lim Jong-heon. What is the highlight?

“What he always emphasizes is the build-up part. He pays a lot of attention to forward pressure, but he cares a lot about the build-up. I can use it more in the part where I have an advantage and develop attacks. It’s good for me because I feel like I can learn one more thing. Even if I make mistakes, the coach told me that it’s okay to keep making mistakes, so I’m comfortable with it. I’m improving.”

-. It looks like you’ll be playing defensive football this season.

“Yoo Jun-su plays the defense in the middle. I was with Ulsan Hyundai and there is no communication problem at all. I listen to what the players want, and the players listen to what I say. .

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