Four women’s basketball teams do not ‘determine to break up’ with PO!

‘Decision to break up, no one does!’

KB Stars, joined by Park Ji-soo, jumped into the 2nd to 4th place structure that BNK Some, Samsung Life Insurance, and Shinhan Bank formed throughout the first half, and the fight for 4th place, the last line of the playoffs, is on the verge of getting in.

As of the 24th, the joint 2nd place BNK and Samsung Life Insurance (11 wins and 8 losses) and 4th place Shinhan Bank (10 wins and 9 losses) have only one game and 5 games against 5th place KB Stars (6 wins and 13 losses). With 11 games left for each team, it is not an easy situation to turn over, especially for KB, but it is by no means impossible. As of now, none of the four teams have made the decision to part ways with the playoffs.

First of all, there are at least two head-to-head matches left, and the results of the match between Woori Bank and Hana 1Q, where the regular league championship and the lowest place are virtually certain, have a significant impact on the ranking structure. It should also be taken into account that Samsung Life Insurance, which is in a position to keep its position, is sluggish with 3 consecutive losses and BNK with 1 win and 2 losses after starting the second half, while Shinhan Bank is fiercely chasing with 3 consecutive wins and KB 2 wins in a row.

The rising trend of KB, which Park Ji-soo joined in a more healthy way, can be said to be a ‘constant’ that has already been predicted. In particular, Kim Min-jung’s final goal in the bloody battle against BNK on the 20th, the start of the Lunar New Year holiday, with only 2 seconds left, resulted in a reversal victory of 62-61, 1 point, which was a symbolic scene that was not seen in the first half. In the attack with just 4 seconds left, while BNK players rushed to defend Park Ji-soo, the A pass connected to Kim Min-jung, who dug into the bottom of the goal, was a play that showed the strong will and confidence of KB players who said, “We can and will definitely win.” . Looking back on the experience of winning the regular league, playoffs, and championships in turn with an unstoppable winning streak after Kim Min-jung won by 1 point with the final goal under the goal with 5 seconds remaining in the first confrontation with Woori Bank last season. , It can definitely be described as a pleasant ‘déjà vu’. It is clear that it has more than 1 win value. 메이저사이트

Shinhan Bank’s joining of the semifinal fight can be said to be a ‘variable’ that was difficult to predict. Most of the people expected that it would be difficult to advance to the playoffs this season, as Danbi Kim, the team’s centerpiece, moved to Woori Bank as a free agent, and half of the key players were changed. There were obviously external factors that caused KB to fall into the bottom ranks from the beginning due to Park Ji-soo’s absence, but the power of the new members to achieve teamwork faster than expected with the existing lineup can never be ignored. Shinhan Bank’s tremendous competitiveness is that the transfer student duo, Sonia Kim and Jinyoung Kim, who played a sub role in the previous team but were in charge of the main gun at Shinhan Bank, exploded their potential and created a synergistic effect.

On the other hand, Samsung Life Insurance, which was considered the only opponent to threaten Woori Bank in the first half, is experiencing severe shaking due to Kiana Smith and Lee Ju-yeon’s season out due to knee injuries. In the aftermath of the shaken and intensified dependence on Lee So-hee, the pace is rapidly dropping and facing the first crisis of the season. Therefore, the match between the four teams for the 4th place is expected to develop interestingly until the end of the season.

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