‘Forming a superteam’ KCC, Hwoong and rookies head to the US

After signing free agent Choi Joon-yong, KCC is investing in the development of its younger players.

Jeonju KCC’s Heo Woong, Lee Geun-hwi, Kim Dong-hyun, and Song Dong-hoon will be travelling to Dallas, USA, for about four weeks of skill training. The departure schedule varies. Lee Geun-hwi, Kim Dong-hyun, and Song Dong-hoon will fly to the US on the 3rd. Only Heo Woong-man will leave on the 4th due to his personal schedule.

Upon arrival, the four will undergo a personalised programme of simple tests and measurements. They are expected to return home on 2 July.메이저놀이터

Only Heo is a middle-aged veteran who has played seven seasons in the pros (including a comeback season after his military discharge), but the other three are young players with three years of experience or less. Lee Geun-hwi has shown promise with his three-point shot, but he has a lot to work on in terms of consistency and defence. Kim Dong-hyun is a 21-year-old prospect who entered the pro ranks as an early entry. Song Dong-hoon is a rookie who made his debut last season.

A KCC official said, “They are all young players. They are going to receive skill training for development. I hope they will learn a lot through the advanced programme.”

It is noteworthy that coach Shin Myung-ho will be accompanying them. He will be travelling with the young athletes to learn about the training programme, as well as to help the athletes get more organised in their local training. The KCC hopes to maximise the effectiveness of their training after returning home if Shin also learns the training programme.

While Heo Woong and the rookies head to the US, the squad will also convene. KCC will convene the squad on the 7th to begin preparations for the upcoming season in earnest. Ragan-ah has already been working with performance enhancement specialist Dr Kang Sung-woo to improve his condition. Newlywed Lee Seung-hyun will also return from his honeymoon, while newcomer Choi Jun-yong will make his first steps as a KCC man.

Meanwhile, KCC will be travelling to Taebaek in late July or early August for a training camp to improve their fitness for the 2023-2024 season.

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