Former LG foreign bore, active retirement… “It’s time to leave”

Justin Boer (35), who played for a short time in the professional baseball LG Twins and left the club and fans full of regret, retired.

Today (11th) on his Twitter, Boer said, “For all players, there comes a point where you know that ‘the time has come to end your career’. Today is such a day for me,” he said. I announced my retirement.

During his career, Bohr played in the major and minor leagues of American professional baseball, as well as the Japanese, Korean, and Mexican leagues.

Drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 2009 Major League Baseball메이저사이트 (MLB) Draft, Bohr made his Major League debut after transferring to the Miami Marlins in 2014.

His career major league results are a .253 batting average, 92 home runs, and 303 RBIs in 559 games.

In 2020, Boer, who played in 99 games for the Hanshin Tigers in Japan and posted a batting average of 0.243, 17 homers and 45 RBIs, played in the minor league under the San Francisco Giants in 2021 and signed with LG as a ‘replacement player’ during the season.

LG expected a long hit from Boer, but he left a poor record of 17 hits in 100 at-bats (0.170 batting average), 3 home runs, and 17 RBIs.

He extended his active career in the Mexican League last year, but has not found a place to play in 2023.

Bohr, who is studying at George Mason University, said, “I look forward to being given the opportunity to repay baseball.”

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