Former coach Yoo Ji-hoon on contract termination notice: “I’m not ashamed of my life as a basketball player…”

Former professional basketball coach Yoo Yoo-hoon has released a statement on the cancellation of his contract with KOGAS.

On the 1st, KOGAS announced that it had cancelled the contracts of general manager Shin Shin-woo, general manager Lee Min-hyung, head coach Yoo Yoo-hoon, and assistant coach Kim Seung-hwan.

The club said, “We are looking forward to efficient decision-making and rational management of the professional basketball team through smooth communication with the club by appointing an internal executive as the head coach, like the organisational system of other clubs.”

The sudden move by KOGAS was viewed by those inside and outside the basketball world as a conflict between the club and former head coach Yoo Yoo-hoon, or as a way to clean up the ‘Hakyeon Basketball’ system.토토사이트

Yoo, who still has a contract with KOGAS, revealed his position and plans through a statement on the 4th.

Yoo said, “I unilaterally notified my contract cancellation. “The company has given me a reason for termination that is unacceptable as well as seriously damaging my reputation,” he said. “I plan to decide what to do about the company’s reason for terminating my contract and the notification after careful consideration.

“We will carefully consider and respond to the allegations and circumstances that have been raised so far so that I am not ashamed of my life as a basketball player for the past 30 years.”

Yoo, who took over as acting head coach in the 2009-10 season when he was with the Incheon Electronic Land, the predecessor of Korea Gas Corporation, has led the team to the playoffs in 10 of the last 14 seasons. In 2018-19, the team finished second in the regular season and reached the championship game. In 2022-23, the team finished ninth (18-36) after slipping to the bottom of the standings early in the season.

KOGAS will appoint Kang Hyuk as acting head coach and one additional new coach.

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